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Specialist trainer in sales performance and presentation delivery

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Specialist Subjects

  • Sales
  • persuasion and presentation skills
  • The Psychology of Powerful Presentations
  • Escape the sea of sameness


  • English


International corporate speaker and trainer Shelley Walters specialises in sales, persuasion and presentation skills providing individuals, groups and audiences with relevant, up to date information to boost their performance in both sales, and presentations. With over 15 years sales and presentation experience in both business to business and business to customer environments, Walters brings unique insight and experience to her clients; helping them to navigate the increasingly challenging areas of sales, persuasion and presentations skills.

Walters’ career began in the cut throat office automation industry, working her way up from direct sales to negotiating at boardroom level in just three months. Later she served as the first Business Development Officer for South Africa’s first black owned finance house, Sadiba Asset Lease, until she joined the team at Kingfisher FM in 2007. For more than five years she served as the Breakfast Show Co-presenter on Port Elizabeth’s popular Kingfisher FM in South Africa. Addressing 144,000 people every morning she quickly learned how to think on her feet and entertain an audience while consistently providing information that was both relevant and informative.

She regularly recorded voiceovers for radio adverts, productions and documentaries. This she did while also serving as the Station’s Sales and Marketing Manager, turning the station around from 100% donor funded to 100% advertiser funded, in 18 months. In 2010, due to increased opportunities to address business audiences on topics related to sales and presentations skills, Walters made the move from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg. Since then she has spoken at over 300 conferences, seminars and training courses across the globe. When not speaking she is coaching clients worldwide, having worked with over 50 companies both in South Africa and overseas.

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