Top Mental Health Keynote Speakers

Top Mental Health Keynote Speakers

Today is World Mental Health Day and although this subject is slowly creeping into everyday conversation both at home and in the workplace, it is still hugely overlooked and depression is now the number one cause of ill health and disability worldwide.

With depression and anxiety costing the global economy around $1 trillion per year in absences and lost productivity, by investing in a healthy and happy workplace culture, your business will benefit a great deal in the long run.

Opening the opportunity to engage in wellbeing strategies with employees has shown to not only increase their happiness but also heighten levels of productivity, innovation and overall levels of performance. The following speakers are experts on wellbeing and mental health; all championing the power of the mind and its ability to enhance individual performance.

Bruce Daisley Keynote SpeakerBruce Daisley

  • European Vice-President for Twitter
  • Host of the UK’s number one business podcast, “Eat Sleep Work Repeat”
  • Author of the No.1 Sunday Times bestselling book, “The Joy of Work”.

Bruce Daisley promotes the importance of integrating happiness into the workplace culture. Growing up in a Birmingham Council Estate and being the first member of the family to attend university, Bruce is no stranger to working hard. Daisley, however, does not recommend an unhealthy work-life balance as the route to career success. He instead uses inspiration, empirical tests, and down-to-earth practical advice to help you optimise the way you work and ultimately find more fulfilment in your job.

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keynote speaker charlie cannonCharlie Cannon

  • Renowned personal trainer to Oscar-winning actors
  • Coach to leaders within McKinsey, Deloitte, Tesco, HSBC Barclays, BP, Mars, Roche, and Unilever
  • Explorer of psychological resilience.

After falling asleep whilst driving, or at the ‘wheel of life’ as Cannon puts it, his near-death experience woke him up to the importance of living life to the full. This realisation inspired Cannon to help others develop their greatest asset, their energy. Speaking about helping leaders and teams build resilience and drive sustained performance, Cannon provides compelling strategies for a better quality of life.

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Hayley Mulenda Keynote SpeakerHayley Mulenda

  • Passionate youth mental health activist
  • Recognised as the ‘Most Influential and Most Inspirational Black Entrepreneur in Britain for Under 21’, 2016
  • Author of the award-winning book ‘ABCs to Student Success’.

Aged just 21 Hayley Mulenda inspires young and underrepresented voices. Her story has the upmost empathy for students suffering from mental health issues. After overcoming her battle with depression and nearly taking her life at 18, Mulenda has her turned her pain into purpose now empowering others to do the same.

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Malene Rydahl Keynote SpeakerMalene Rydahl

  • Goodwill Ambassador to Copenhagen
  • Author of ‘Happy as a Dane’, the best-selling book titled the most optimistic book in 2014
  • Lecturer at the prestigious French business school HEC Executive Education and Sciences Po Paris in well-being and performance.

Danish-born, Malene Rydahl has harnessed the secrets behind the world’s happiest nation and translates them into business strategies. After 18 years in the corporate world, Rydahl quit to become a wellbeing expert. She recognised 87% of employees across the world said they are disengaged from what they do, and now works with leaders to create a positive and productive leadership style. Rydahl specialises in how to sow the seeds of happiness for higher engagement, more innovation and better performance at work.

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keynote speaker alexander stubbAlexander Stubb

  • Member of World Happiness Council, convened by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.
  • Former Prime Minister, Finance Minister and Foreign Minister of Finland
  • Member of the European Parliament from 2004-2008 and in the National Government from 2008-16

In addition to his expertise in politics and history, former Finish Prime Minister, Alexander Stubb talks on life and happiness. He also champions the holistic approach to wellbeing. Stubb’s rule to a better quality of life is simple, 8+8+8. Outlining the daily routine should follow the structure of 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work and 8 hours of personal time.

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Niall Breslin Keynote SpeakerNiall Breslin

  • Consulted with the Irish government and the EU parliament on mental health policies
  • Founder and Creative Director of mental health charity, A Lust for Life
  • Ironman triathlete and former professional rugby player.

Niall Breslin has built an impressive career within the various fields of sports, business and as a musician, on top of that Breslin is one of Ireland’s most prominent mental health advocates. He speaks candidly on his own experiences, suffering from generalised anxiety disorder alongside his working and schooling endeavours. Breslin highlights society’s problems with stigma, diagnosis and general issues with perception.

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Ian Robertson Keynote SpeakerIan Robertson

  • Author of ‘The Stress Test: How Pressure Can Make You Stronger and Sharper
  • Professor of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin
  • A Former a Senior Scientist at MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit at the University of Cambridge

An expert in how to harness stress, Robertson explores how to use pressure to make you stronger and sharper. By applying his background in neuroscience to everyday life, Ian explores how the right amount of stress can be adapted to help you achieve more by changing your brain’s response to pressure. He is the author of ‘The Stress Test’ and he has been featured in both Time Magazine and the New York Magazine.

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