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The Hope School – Educating Syrian Refugee Children

Scattered throughout Lebanon’s Bekaa valley, thousands of informal tented settlements lie on the fringes of farms and villages and farms that fill the rural area. Living in these tents are families fleeing from the war in Syria. Facing a long winter...

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New York Times: Will London Fall Following Brexit?

Sarah Lyall recently wrote for the New York Times, discussing London’s position as “the capital of the world”. But following Brexit – where does this leave the supposed most international city in the world? The New York Times article goes...

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Marijn Dekkers speaks to Odgers Berndtson

Dr Marijn Dekkers, the newly appointed Chairman of Unilever, recently gave an interview for Odgers Berndtson, discussing his new role and some of the wider challenges facing Unilever. With respect to the challenges that Unilever, one of...

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