keynote speaker Ian thornton trump bitcoin

Ian Thornton-Trump: “4 Bitcoin Conspiracies”

Bitcoin and talk of cryptocurrency in general has dominated headlines recently with more and more people becoming involved in the crypto-craze. The most famous of the cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin. Here, cryptography expert Ian Thornton-Trump describes...

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Top 10 leadership keynote speakers

Top 10 Leadership Keynote Speakers

Leadership style and the role of leaders within all organisations and teams has always been a critical aspect of performance and success. With the nature of organisations changing in structure and ethos, it is also important for leadership to evolve with it...

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keynote speaker peter s goodman blog article

Peter S. Goodman’s thoughts on Davos

Peter S. Goodman is the European economic correspondent for the New York Times, based In London. Following the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Goodman has commented on speeches from various individuals including President of France...

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Speaker Parag Khanna blog featured picture

Parag Khanna: Looking ahead from Davos

At Davos Parag Khanna spoke on China's Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) and the impact of global infrastructure investments on geopolitics. The World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting at Davos has never presented a more...

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