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Europe’s No 1 Futurist

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Specialist Subjects

  • Building the post-Covid world
  • The Future and what to do about it
  • The 8 principles of successful optimists
  • How to get people to change
  • Innovation in an age of chaos
  • The (really) big picture
  • Systems change and how to do it
  • The principles of successful optimism


  • English


‘Reluctant Futurist’ Mark Stevenson is a strategic advisor to governments, investors, NGOs and corporates and co-founder of Carbon Removals company CUR8.

Though branded a ‘futurist’ by others Mark is more, as one client puts it, ‘Chief Annoying Question Asker’. He helps organisations change the way they feel, think, invest and operate in order to answer the intertwined questions the future is asking us – on climate change, inequality, the retreat of democracy and the failures of the markets to price risk properly (to name just four).

His two bestselling books, An Optimist’s Tour of the Future and the award-winning We Do Things Differently map out some existing and proven solutions to our current dilemmas.

He is Global Ambassador for environmental law firm Client Earth and former strategic advisor on peace, national security and climate change to the UK Ministry of Defence.

He also enjoys a successful side career as a comedy writer and songwriter, which he regards as essential for maintaining key skills needed in his strategy work. “The brain does the PR for what the heart has already decided, if you can’t speak to the heart any systems change is dead in the water.”

His hit podcast with comedian Jon Richardson and fellow systems change advocate Ed Gillespie is available on all major platforms.

Popular Talks by Mark Stevenson

Building the post-Covid world

Channelling Mark’s experience in helping governments, corporations and NGOs think through the implications and legacy of the pandemic, this talk explores the extraordinary moment the world finds itself in – and how the pandemic is, and will continue to be, a huge catalyst for long needed change. Those organisations that know how to embrace that change and the challenges it brings will define the direction of the next 20 years. “The pandemic is a mirror,” says Mark “and you can either look into it as Narcissus or as a Catharsis”. Drawing on clients as diverse as the Ministry of Defence, major NGOs, multinational corporations and even private banks Mark explores the new territory of business, commerce and civil society. As Andy Jordan, CEO of Intel put it: “Bad companies are destroyed by crises, good companies survive them, great companies are improved by them.” The moment is unique, don’t squander it.

The Future and what to do about it

Take a whistle stop tour of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of the next 20 years and why ‘business as usual’ is a recipe for disaster. How is the landscape of society going to change in terms of technology, energy, governance, health and commerce? What questions should smart organisations be asking themselves? And how can your organisation be fit for the future? Mark will show you. We’re in for a rocky ride, but future-literate organisations have a shot at greatness. Available as either a keynote or masterclass.

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