Global Trends Keynote Speakers

Expert on global geo-political risk and geo-economics, particularly the Middle East and Asia
Greek-Swedish columnist, television hostess, and author
Russian Minister of Finance from 2000 - 2011
Renowned expert on macroeconomics and demographics
Recent Secretary General of NATO and former Prime Minister of Denmark
Professor of Economics, London Business School and Fellow, All Souls, Oxford
World Bank's Trend Guru
Adviser to the German government on economic policy
Co-author Age of Discovery: Navigating the Risks and Rewards of Our New Renaissance
Mansfield Freeman Chair Professor of the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University
Record-breaking Yachtswoman and Champion of Circular Economy
Nomura Professor and Director of the Program on International Financial Systems at Harvard J. F Kennedy School of Government
Among Europe's foremost speakers on global future trends in economics, business and society
Japan's former Minister for Fiscal Policy and Financial Affairs
Former Vice President and Head of Policy, World Bank, former policy advisor to Nelson Mandela
Author of bestseller Currency Wars
A legendary figure in global finance, James Wolfensohn’s understanding of the global economy, specifically emerging markets, is unparalleled
Renowned Development Economist, Director of Earth Institute Columbia University
Former Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management and creator of BRIC acronym
Global Investment Guru
Founder of Atlas Organization, expert on China-India relations and national strategy
Nobel Prize Winning Economist
Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of Development Economics at the World Bank (2008-12)
Professor in the Economics of Innovation and Public Value and Director, The Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, University College London
One of the 'Top Ten Money Managers of the 20th Century'
Former Chairman of the Securities Exchange Board of India
Winner of the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize
Former Chief Economist and Head of External Relations of Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)
Former Trader, Risk Specialist and Author
Oxford University Professor of History, acclaimed author and film maker
Renowned Thought Leader with an Impressive Track Record in Predicting Global Trends
Renowned Economist who predicted the 2007 Global Financial Crisis and Credit Crunch
Leading geo-strategic expert and best-selling author
Director-General of the World Trade Organisation (2005-2013)
Former advisor to President Barack Obama
Director of Engineering, Machine Intelligence, Google
Expert on later life
Award-winning Futurist, Europe's Top 30 Women in Digital
Founder the Good Country and Independent Policy Advisor
CEO & Co-founder of online investment platform
Founder of IMD World Competitiveness Centre
Professor of International Economics at the Brandeis International Business School
Respected economist and author
Recent Minister of Finance for Germany
Global Economic Commentator
Author of Economics of Good and Evil, philosopher of economics
An acclaimed futurist and innovation designer, 'the new European guru of innovation', according to The Financial Times
Professor of Economics, Columbia University
Founding Dean of the largest and leading business school in China, Xiang has played an important role in developing China’s management education sector.
Yashwant Sinha is a former finance and foreign minister of India