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The Future Ready Mindset Expert, Microsoft’s first ever Head of Digital Marketing Strategy

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Specialist Subjects

  • Brilliant ways to keep up with change
  • How to react so change becomes your BFF
  • Easy ways to re-awaken your beginner’s mind
  • Why zagging will outsmart all future technologies
  • How to spark a cycle of positive change with colleagues


  • English


Allister Frost, Microsoft’s first ever Head of Digital Marketing Strategy, has been to the future and says it’s INCREDIBLE! And now he shares his unique insights into the mindset and lifelong skills that successful people need to thrive in a very different tomorrow.

Frost is the creator of the ‘Ready Already! cycle,’ a simple, 5-step framework that can give anyone a future ready mindset. He shows how to follow and react positively to change, how to give time to your beginner’s mind, and explains the merits of zagging when others zig, plus smart ways to spark an unstoppable cycle of positive change.

In two decades of leading marketing and communications teams at Kimberly-Clark and Microsoft, Allister Frost has lived through the highs and lows of digital transformations in complex organisations. He has inspired audiences including the BBC, 3M, GE, UK Sport, Worldpay, and Vodafone and is twice Winner of the Lester Wunderman Award for Outstanding Creative Work. Frost holds a Cannes Silver Direct Lion for global campaigns at Microsoft, is a Chartered Marketer, and Elected Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Memorable moments from Frost’s keynote performances include:
– You’re ReadyAlready™
– A change of pace keeps pace with change
– Make time for your beginner’s mind
– Applied curiosity boosts our velocity

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