Internet of Things Thought Leader, Entrepreneur and Product Designer
Co-founder Blippar
Renowned commentator on the digital revolution
Co-Founder and CEO, Mars One
Digital Transformation Strategist
Authority on Business Agility and Blockchain
Recent UK Minister for Technology
Partner at Passion Capital and Chair of Tech City UK
Founder of Facebook’s Politics and Government Division; Founder of the Conversational Century
Award Winning Computer Security Analyst
Award-Winning Designer, Professor & Founder of iGNITIATE
President and Managing Director of E14Fund
Global Head of Security Research at Sophos, Certified Instructor at SANS
Europe’s No 1 Ethical Hacker
Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder, Tesla Motors
Silicon Valley Entrepreneur
One of the Creators of Skype & Venture Investor
Youth Entrepreneurship
Expert in Robot Ethics
One of Europe's most influential futurists
Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Oxford University and founding Director of Oxford's Future of Humanity Institute think tank
Technology entrepreneur, lecturer and author
Inventor, Designer and Engineer. Pranav Mistry is best known for his inventions of SixthSense and Samsung Gear
TR35 by the MIT Technology Review
Developed social networking platforms for Obama and Sanders’ Presidential Campaigns
Award-winning Futurist, Europe's Top 30 Women in Digital
Futurist and Researcher
Silicon Valley serial-entrepreneur
Co-founder of Apple Computers
Customer Experience in the Digital World
Head of Industry, Retail at Google
Director of Innovation for IBM Norway
Inventor of the World Wide Web. The future of the internet.
Co-Founder of Polaroid Swing, a Silicon Valley technology company
American internet entrepreneur and venture capitalist
Clean Energy and Transportation Expert
Recent President of Estonia
Global Tech Investor