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Shazam Co-Founder and Tech for Good investor

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Specialist Subjects

  • How to Adapt to the Future
  • Teamwork, Tenacity and Resilience - The Shazam story
  • GenAI and emerging technology


  • English


Dhiraj Mukherjee built Shazam from the original idea into an iconic global brand with over 2 billion downloads. He led Shazam’s successful launch, navigated two financial crises, raised tens of millions in funding, and learned all about hypergrowth. He was named one of Europe’s Top 50 technology entrepreneurs by the Financial Times. Since Shazam’s sale to Apple for a reported $400M, he has invested in many high-growth start-ups and scale-ups. Dhiraj’s expertise is building adaptable organisations ready to create an inflection point in the future.

He is now an international keynote speaker on emerging technology, climate action and the workforce of the future. As a Tech for Good investor, Dhiraj has a front-row view of the future. He has invested in over 250 cutting-edge companies from climate tech to AI, including OpenAI (creators of ChatGPT).

Earlier in his career, Dhiraj has advised dozens of blue-chip companies including PWC, Unilever, UBS, Eli Lilly, Citibank, and Intel. He has an MBA from Stanford Business School and a BA from Dartmouth College.

Dhiraj Mukherjee has always been an explorer of the future. His insights from the front line of business are a mix of inspiration, humour, and practical advice.

Popular Talks by Dhiraj Mukherjee

How to Adapt to the Future

From his experience at Shazam, Dhiraj found that the best way to predict the future is to create it. He has now invested in over 250 cutting-edge startups in AI, climate tech and other emerging technology. Dhiraj believes that we all need to dream big to create the future we want to be part of. Today’s leaders must learn while they lead, and lead as they learn. How can we transform ourselves and transform our organisations? The key is embracing uncertainty: learning to be good at what we aren’t doing yet. Drawing on decades of experience, he shares proven methods for re-inventing business and building lasting success.

Teamwork, Tenacity and Resilience - The Shazam story

Dhiraj tells the story of founding Shazam in 2000 – long before smart phones existed – to selling to Apple in 2018 for a reported $400M. He describes the roller-coaster ride from idea to exit, surviving the dotcom crash and the great financial crisis to become an iconic global brand. The lessons learned in tenacity, teamwork and resilience apply to any business aspiring to re-define their industry.

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