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Purpose Pioneer, Social Innovator and founder of the Business for Good movement

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Specialist Subjects

  • Are You a Good Business?
  • Becoming a Purpose-Driven Leader
  • The Power of Purpose
  • Human Fulfilment Quotient
  • Sustainability that Works
  • What do YOU stand for?


  • French


Jon Duschinsky is a Purpose Pioneer, social innovator, executive coach & trainer, author of two books and globally in-demand speaker who unlocks the Power of Purpose for leaders and companies across the world.

Jon is a unique ally for those who seek to make change. His talents in reading the background and shifting seamlessly from concept to vision to reality enable him to coach leaders, train managers and inspire team members – meeting each where they are and then revealing their potential.

He has worked in this way with political leaders, Fortune 500 business leaders, SMEs, startups and NGOs in over 60 countries, sharing platforms with the likes of Gorbachev, Kofi Annan, and Bob Geldof.

The first part of his career was spent leading the development of philanthropy and social impact, co-founding a fundraising agency at the age of 21 and then leading the creation of a platform to promote and drive philanthropy, first in France and then across Eastern and Central Europe. The publication of his first book “Philanthropy in a Flat World” caused him to be sought out by the world of business, initially as a speaker and then a consultant on Corporate Social Responsibility and Purpose-Driven Business.

Jon Duschinsky focus area and specialty lie in both the intersection of making money and making impact, as well as the role that Purpose plays in both the lives of individuals and organizations. Today, he enables leaders and future leaders to unlock meaning and Purpose to transform their own lives and those of the people they serve while delivering greater performance across all metrics. Jon is a Purpose Pioneer, social innovator, executive coach & trainer, author of two books and speaker who unlocks the Power of Purpose for leaders and companies across the world.

Popular Talks by Jon Duschinsky

Are You a Good Business?

Every company can change the world and fast-track its growth as a result. In this disruptive, high energy and inspiring keynote you will learn how.

Becoming a Purpose-Driven Leader

Do you see patterns replaying in your life and work that are stopping you from being your best? Have you ever felt that you have more to offer, but can’t quite get there?

Well, you are in good company! There’s something universal about humans: we are all our worst enemies, and we all experience these feelings. Crazy at it sounds, the truth is that we are all individually programmed to not reach our potential.

In this compelling and life-changing keynote, Jon will teach you how to shift that programming and unlock the Purpose-Driven Leader in you. Expect tears and cheers as you release new levels of leadership, creativity and power that you have always known were there…. but you just couldn’t access.

Becoming a Purpose-Driven Leader is for you if:

  • You want to turbo-charge your senior leadership
  • You are looking for big productivity gains across your teams
  • You care about making a difference in the lives of your people – You want more creativity and innovation across your company

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