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President, SERHANT. Ventures, P&L Management, Content to Commerce expert, former network news journalist, and occasional photographer

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Specialist Subjects

  • How to Monetize your Thoughts with a Membership Business
  • The Science of Practical Storytelling
  • The Written Word: How to Take Power in the Digital Space


  • English


Kyle Scott is an operations executive, former network news journalist, and occasional photographer. He likes to build at the intersection of content and business.

After nearly 10 years at NBC News as a producer and journalist in broadcast and digital (TODAY, Nightly News, NBC News Specials, NBC News Politics, NBC News BETTER), he pitched Bravo’s Ryan Serhant an idea: What if I turned your bestselling book Sell It Like Serhant into a course?

After nearly a year of nights and weekends writing, producing, and editing the course and creating the marketing/sales strategy behind the course, they went live August 15, 2019. The course pulled in over $100,000 a day within the first few days, and we ended our launch period with the largest launch in Thinkific’s history (our course technology platform).

They realized: Wait a minute, maybe there is something here. Ryan hired Kyle Scott, and he grew Sell It Like Serhant to a seven-figure business by the end of the year.

As president of SERHANT. Ventures, he’s built a content-driven course, consulting, and events business from scratch, driving greater than 100% revenue growth YOY for three years. They’ve expanded our client base to more than 12,000 enrollees in 110 countries. Kyle is responsible for the entire P&L and all business functions, including sales, marketing, product development, fulfillment, and budgeting/forecasting while manage a team of nearly 30, 50% in-person and 50% remote.

Outside of his ever-busy “day job,” Kyle enjoys helping other entrepreneurs find and monetize their own thought leadership. He speaks at conferences and events about building membership businesses around identity-driven communities; the power of storytelling; and how to take power in the digital space through compelling writing.

In addition, Kyle volunteers for his alma mater as a member of the Cornell University Council, recently completed his MBA at NYU Stern, and spend as much time as he can with his three-year-old son William and wife Theresa.

Popular Talks by Kyle Scott

How to Monetize your Thoughts with a Membership Business

So, you already have something to say and a ready, willing audience to pay for your message? Discover how Kyle went from zero to seven figures around a membership business within four months from launch. We’ll cover how a membership business can help you start every month with revenue “in the bank,” grow a tribe of followers who will spread your message further than you could on your own, and how to get the most loyal members to follow you up the value ladder.

The Science of Practical Storytelling

Facts tell, stories sell. Why is that, and what do we mean by “story?” Learn one of the most critical skills in your communications arsenal by demystifying the science beyond this maxim. We’ll discover the simple formula for telling your personal story. Then, we’ll break down storytelling structure into the basic three-act sequence, leaning on a pop culture as our guide. Leave this session knowing how to tell a compelling story about YOU so that your audience is always left leaning forward for more.

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