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Pioneering finance industry expert and entrepreneur, specializing in AI-driven analytics

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Specialist Subjects

  • Mastering Change: How to Succeed in Digital Transformation and AI Strategies
  • Revolutionizing Asset Management: The Impact of AI and Machine Learning
  • AI at the Forefront: Transforming Payments and Banking



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Lars Hamberg is a founder, investor, finance industry expert, and pioneer in AI-driven prediction modeling from unstructured data. He has founded businesses in analytics, asset management, AI, and IT software. His areas of focus include investing, trading, AI/ML, prediction modeling, statistical arbitrage, ETFs, derivatives, global macro strategy, and language models.

Lars Hamberg is the co-founder and former CEO of Gavagai, a language AI company, which launched the world’s first commercial large language model and was awarded the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce entrepreneurship prize in 2018. Lars worked for AFAM as a global multi-asset portfolio manager. He also served as CEO of Glitnir AB, hired after the Icelandic collapse to restructure the fourth largest operator on the Nordic Exchanges. His experience extends to roles at S.G. Warburg, Swiss Bank Corporation, UBS, and ABN AMRO, including head of research.

Lars has spent 15 years teaching in executive education for the finance industry and is an expert in AI-driven prediction modeling using unstructured language data. He has written numerous articles on artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, machine learning, and prediction models, as well as on digital transformation and organisational change, AI-based trading strategies, and prediction modeling for statistical arbitrage. He also authored a book on counterparty risk in OTC derivatives and served as an arbiter at the SCC Arbitration Institute for the resolution of commercial disputes worldwide.

Lars Hamberg is popular expert speaker on topics such as artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, alternative data, AI/ML-based prediction models for trading and asset management, digital transformation, business transformation, and fintech innovation, across financial services and other industries at company and industry events. As a speaker, Lars is appreciated for his outspoken style.

Popular Talks by Lars Hamberg

Mastering Change: How to Succeed in Digital Transformation and AI Strategies

Exploring why most projects fail and how organisations can avoid pitfalls and succeed with digital transformations in general and with AI and analytics strategies in particular. 

Revolutionizing Asset Management: The Impact of AI and Machine Learning

AI in Asset Management – Exploring and explaining how AI and machine learning are fundamentally changing the asset management industry, with examples and use cases on selection, distribution, and production.

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