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Award-winning Cyber Security Awareness Consultant & Founder of Cyber Security Unity

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Specialist Subjects

  • Security in the Cloud: Fostering Greater Collaboration in Cloud Security to Combat the Growing Cyber Threat
  • Cyber Security Awareness
  • Spotting scams and phishing attempts
  • Ransomware and Malware
  • Navigating narcissistic personalities
  • Managing Stress and Burnout in Cyber Security
  • Hacking and Neurodiversity
  • Collaboration in cyber security



  • English


Lisa Ventura is an award-winning cyber security consultant whose career spans over 23 years in cyber security and technology. She entered the cyber security industry in 2009 when she became the Chief Operations Officer/PR & Marketing Director at Titania Ltd, a leading cyber security software development company in the UK.

During her time at Titania she saw the company grow from a tiny start-up to a successful small business with members of staff, offices and a network of distributors and resellers globally.

Since her time at Titania, Lisa has utilised her expertise in cyber security in many other organisations including BT, Pinsent Masons, BlueVoyant, CyBourn and Proficio Inc as a Cyber Security Awareness Consultant.

Lisa is a published author and has recently contributed articles to Counter Terror Business Magazine, Europa Business Magazine, Infosecurity magazine and the BPMA Magazine amongst others. Her books entitled “The Rise of the Cyber Women: Volume 1 and Volume 2” and “The Varied Origins of the Cyber Men: Volume 1” are available on Amazon Direct Publishing.

As the Founder of Cyber Security Unity (formerly the UK Cyber Security Association) Lisa is in high demand for her expertise as a thought leader and commentator in the cyber security industry. Cyber Security Unity is a global community in cyber security that aims to unite the cyber security industry worldwide to combat the growing cyber threat. Lisa was previously the CEO & Founder of the UK Cyber Security Association, a not-for-profit organisation that raises awareness of the importance of cyber security for small businesses and SME’s, and provides education on the growing cyber threat to individuals and businesses. As a result of all this work Lisa is often asked to be a keynote speaker and panellist at various cyber security, technology, IT and business conferences and events.

Lisa also sits on the Advisory Board of the West Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre, the Advisory Board of the International Cyber Security Expo and is a judge for the Cyber OSPA awards.

Lisa is also an award-winning writer and her blogs “Cyber Geek Girl” “Life Body Soul Spirit” and “Frankie’s Legacy” all focus on different areas and aspects of her life. She is a qualified coach and mentor, and is currently studying towards becoming a counsellor to help those affected by narcissistic abuse and those in the cyber security industry who have been impacted by bullying and harassment.

Neurodivergent and proud, Lisa is a strong advocate of all things related to neurodiversity since she was diagnosed as #ActuallyAutistic. She is also a strong supporter of promoting cyber security as a career path to those who are autistic and neurodivergent, and is a mentor to those who are considering entering the cyber security industry. In addition, Lisa is a strong business mentor for Women in Business, Women in Cyber Security, Women in Tech and more.

Lisa has been nominated for and won numerous awards for her work over the years, the most recent of which was winner of the “Cyber Security Supporter of Women” category at the Cyber Security Woman of the Year awards in the USA. She has also won the “Outstanding Contribution to Cyber Security” category in the SC Magazine Awards Europe and the “Cyber Security Personality of the Year” award in the UK’s Cyber Security Awards. She has also been included in various lists including IT Security Guru’s “Most Inspiring Women in Cyber Security” list, We Are Tech Women’s Top 100 Power List, WISF’s Power 100 list of the most inspiring women in cyber security and IFSEC’s Global Influencer’s list, to name but a few. One of the most prestigious awards that Lisa won was at ITV’s National Diversity Awards in 2020 when she won the Postive Role Model (Gender) category.

Popular Talks by Lisa Ventura

Security in the Cloud: Fostering Greater Collaboration in Cloud Security to Combat the Growing Cyber Threat

In 2022 cloud security came to the forefront like never before. The war that broke out between Russia and Ukraine in February 2022 highlighted just how many cyber threats there still are. Data breaches are still announced at a rate of knots, at the end of 2022 a cyber-attack against Albania caused them to cut ties with Iran, who they believed was responsible for the attack against them.

For years, cloud security professionals have been asking themselves a fundamental question: “How can we ensure greater collaboration on a global scale in cloud security?” Boards have also been reluctant to take the growing cyber threat seriously, and after experiencing years of costly and devastating ransomware attacks, data breaches and other security incidents, security is only now finding its way onto the board agenda.

With cybercrime still massively on the rise, organisations of all sizes can no longer adopt a head in the sand approach when it comes to cloud security and say that it isn’t something they need to bother with or worry about. Many in the industry have an excellent record of collaborating, but the industry remains fragmented and suffers from silos which can leave organisations vulnerable.
This talk aims to give an overview of the main cloud security threats, and cover ways in which we as an industry can collaborate more effectively to help combat the growing cyber threat.

Key Takeaways:
· What are the main cloud security threats?
· Why collaboration is necessary in cloud security on a global scale
· How to remove barriers to greater collaboration in cloud security
· The benefits to greater collaboration in cloud security to help combat the growing cyber threat

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