Matthew Rosenquist – Keynote Speaker

CISO, Industry Cybersecurity Strategist, and Advisor

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Specialist Subjects

  • Generative AI & Cybersecurity
  • Critical Infrastructures Under Attack and the Role of Government
  • Cybersecurity Must Adapt to Deliver More Value
  • Regulatory Accountability for Cybersecurity Professionals
  • Cybersecurity Predictions for 202X



  • English


With over 30 years as a cybersecurity strategist, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), and technologist in the cyber, physical, and information security fields, Matthew Rosenquist has become an outspoken leader and respected authority in the field of cybersecurity. As one of the most recognized influencers in his industry, he has earned many awards for his work to make digital technology secure, private, safe, and trustworthy.

Matthew worked at Intel Corporation for over 24 years, building and managing key security organizations, including the company’s first Security Operations Center, M&A security, and the founding commander of the cyber crisis response team. He was the cybersecurity strategist for Intel’s Manufacturing Computing unit which advanced the protection for worldwide chip production operations. He oversaw all the security features landing in Intel’s core CPU chips, was the cybersecurity strategist for Intel Security – the third largest security group in the industry and included the McAfee acquisition, and established the cybersecurity governance for Intel’s billion-dollar AI business unit. Overall, a diverse career focused on the protection of computing infrastructure, business assets, and products.

Currently, he is the CISO for Eclipz and sits on over a dozen advisory boards for universities, startups, industry outreach, and conferences. Matthew advises companies, academia, and governments around the globe on cybersecurity emerging threats, privacy, regulatory compliance, digital ethics, disruptive technologies, and best practices for cyber risk management. He possesses the unusual ability to translate cyber risks and identify business opportunities to help organizations balance threats, costs, and usability factors to achieve an optimal level of security.

Matthew specializes in understanding the fundamental factors that drive and shift the industry. He develops successful security strategies, measures value, develops cost-effective capabilities, and establishes organizations that deliver ideal levels of cybersecurity, privacy, governance, ethics, and safety.

Popular Talks by Matthew Rosenquist

Generative AI & Cybersecurity

Generative AI is a hotbed of activity, increasing the sophistication and engagement of technology across business sectors and directly to the masses. Powerful tools, such as ChatGPT have swept the public by storm and businesses are quickly integrating these types of incredible technologies into their products and services. But with all powerful tools there comes equitable risks and generative AI is no exception. This session will discuss the security, privacy, safety, and very soon, regulatory risks that must be considered as these capabilities flourish across industries and are misused by attackers.

Critical Infrastructures Under Attack and the Role of Government

Critical Infrastructure sectors represent the ultimate target for the most sophisticated and capable cyber threats. As these threats rise, so too does the need for governments to play a more decisive role in protecting these essential services that are the bedrock of modern societies and thriving economies. Leadership and partnership between the private and public sectors is the only successful path forward that empowers cybersecurity to protect critical infrastructures.

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