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Specialist Subjects

  • Reclaiming human connection in an ever automated world
  • Marketing & Machine: Building trust, integrity & brand loyalty in an age of AI
  • Business Unusual: The psychology behind resilient brands
  • The secret psychology of resonant communication
  • The psychological principles behind persuasive platforms
  • Smart personalisation using the Big 5 personality traits
  • UX, loyalty & trust in financial markets
  • The secret psychology behind resilient brands
  • The psychology behind resonant communication
  • The UX principles behind persuasive platforms
  • Smart personalisation using the Big 5 personality traits


  • English


Nathalie Nahai’s background in human behaviour, web design and the arts offer a unique vantage point from which to examine the complex challenges we face today. Her best-selling book, Webs Of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion has been adopted as the go-to manual by business leaders and universities alike, and her new book, Business Unusual: Values, Uncertainty and the Psychology of Brand Resilience, has been described as “One of the defining business books of our times”.

A popular speaker, consultant and facilitator to Fortune 500 companies, Nathalie also serves as a behavioural science advisor and helps organisations to ethically apply behavioural science principles to enhance their business. Having lectured at some of the world’s most prestigious institutions, Nathalie’s ability to ignite conversation and offer tools and strategies with which to harness human potential, has helped countless organisations transform how they approach business online, with clients including Google, Accenture, Unilever and Harvard Business Review, among others.

Having co-hosted the Guardian Tech Weekly, Nathalie now hosts the popular podcast, Nathalie Nahai In Conversation, which explores our relationship with one another, with technology, and with the natural world. She is also the founder of Flourishing Futures Salon, a project that curates gastronomical gatherings to help leaders explore how we can thrive in times of turbulence and change.

Popular Talks by Nathalie Nahai

Reclaiming human connection in an ever automated world

This thought-provoking talk explores the intricate balance between the march of automation and human connection, and reveals how we can adapt to a changing landscape of decision- making and engagement in the face of evolving AI technology. As we look towards a more automated, performance-oriented future of consumer engagement, it can be easy to believe there’s increasingly little room for our own ingenuity, skills and imagination. Yet as we integrate more technology into our work and our lives, it is precisely our ability to step back and understand others at a more meaningful level that will enable us to thrive. In a quantified world, as marketing transforms from mass media to hyper-personalized, algorithmically targeted content, it’s easy to forget that behind each data point (and tiny screen) is a real person searching for moments of joy and belonging.

When it comes to marketing, as customers grow more distracted and sad, we must find new ways to reach through the noise to create genuine, memorable moments of connection. Given the challenges we face in retaining human connection in an increasingly technological world, this talk will showcase how our success (or failure) ultimately relies upon our capacity to capture and transport people’s imaginations.

1. You’ll discover how the quality of our engagement is deeply rooted in emotion, attention and memory, and what this means for optimising your strategy.
2. You’ll understand how to use heterogenous and homogenous communication techniques to capture curiosity and drive high-quality engagement.
3. You’ll learn how to harness customer motivation to move people from intention to action. 

Marketing & Machine: Building trust, integrity & brand loyalty in an age of AI

As marketers and businesses turn to AI to optimise their communication strategies, how can we harness technology, creativity, and deep psychological know-how to craft powerful stories and marketing messages that actually capture people’s attention? Drawing upon a unique fusion of tech, psychology, and marketing expertise, this talks reveals how to wield the tools available to create a brand your customers will love.

From how to build trust, communicate integrity, and leverage emerging generational values, to crafting a memorable brand voice and presence that will capture customers’ attention and drive brand salience, this talk outlines practical tactics and principles you can use to differentiate your business in a competitive landscape.

1. You’ll discover the 3 universal, psychological drives of self-determination that underpin human motivation, and learn how to harness them in your content.
2. You’ll understand how to use robust psychological principles to craft more powerful messages, and take calculated risks to attract a more engaged audience.
3. You’ll learn from best-case examples how to design for integrity and trust so as to boost brand loyalty and long-term customer-brand love.

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