Nawal Abboub – Keynote Speaker

PhD Cognitive Neuroscience ; Co-founder and Scientific Director @RisingUp, Partnerships manager @CogMaster, ENS-PSL-EHESS-UPC ; Co-Director of course unit : Cognitive Science & Society @ENS-PSL-EHESS-UPC

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Specialist Subjects

  • Emotional intelligence and Neuroscience
  • The brain
  • Lifelong learning
  • Multilingualism
  • Soft skills
  • The future of work
  • Mental fatigue and decision-making
  • Developing skills in AI era
  • Educational innovation
  • Digital technology effects on the brain


  • English
  • French


Nawal Abboub, PhD Cognitive Neuroscience has dedicated her career to exploring the development of the brain and its abilities. Her interdisciplinary work integrates various aspects related to psychology, neuroscience and pedagogy, with the aim to understand brain function amongst others.

In 2017, Nawal Abboub co-founded Rising Up, convinced that the brain is the most underrated tool of the 21st century. This deeptech develops products that helps evaluating and enhancing the “soft (core) skills” to facilitate professional integration for fresh graduates, but also to guarantee career-long employability.

In 2023, she was the laureate of a European competition and has been awarded from the European Innovation Council.

In 2022, Nawal Abboub published “The Power of Babies”, highlighting the importance of childhood in skills development.

Nawal Abboub is also the Partnerships manager for one of the most prestigious Master’s programs at ENS-PSL university. She bridges the realms of academic research, private and public spheres.

She co-designed the ENS-PSL first course unit about the use of cognitive science in the real world, convinced that research shouldn’t be limited to laboratories, but has a broader and more practical scope.

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