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Founder of 1000 Days Out and author of the upcoming AI Product Design Handbook

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Specialist Subjects

  • AI & Emerging Technology
  • Strategic Foresight
  • Innovation & Design Thinking
  • AI Ethics: Navigating Bias in the Digital Age


  • English


With over 25 years of experience, Ramy Nassar has been at the forefront of driving innovation and digital transformation across industries. As the former Head of Innovation at Mattel and founder of a successful technology consultancy, he has helped organizations including TD, Apple, Telus, New Balance, and Rio Tinto navigate the complex landscape of AI and emerging technology. His expertise lies in developing long-term strategic roadmaps, fostering collaboration, and implementing cutting-edge solutions that drive measurable growth and enable competitive advantage.

Ramy Nassar is a sought-after keynote speaker known for his dynamic and engaging presentations. In pairing his deep AI expertise with a strategic foresight mindset, he provides insightful perspectives on the disruptive potential of these technologies. Ramy’s thought-provoking & interactive talks inspire audiences to embrace innovation, adapt to change, and seize the opportunities presented by AI and emerging technology.

Ramy is a respected voice in the industry, contributing to the advancement of Generative AI and the ethical use of this technology through his writings and publications. He is known for his ability to communicate complex concepts in a clear and accessible manner, making him a trusted advisor for the teams and organizations he works with.

Ramy Nassar teaches AI + Design Thinking at the Norwegian Technical University and in the Master’s of Engineering, Innovation & Entrepreneurship program at Toronto Metropolitan University. He is an award-winning speaker & workshop facilitator at international events including World Usability Congress, Global AI Summit, Machine Learning Exchange, AI Business Summit, and World Mobile Congress. Ramy Nassar’s expertise and passion for innovation leaves a lasting impact on attendees, equipping them with the knowledge and strategies needed to thrive in the age of AI.

Popular Talks by Ramy Nassar

AI & Emerging Technology

Artificial Intelligence is by no means new but there has been a recent shift – Generative AI has come out of the lab and into meaningful business applications that drive growth, customer success, and new value propositions. We are at the cusp of a global transformation that reframes how organizations leverage emerging technology. Deep learning, advanced analytics, and conversational tools like ChatGPT are driving the next wave of technology disruption and the organizations that embrace these tools will be better positioned to outpace and outperform their competitors. Ramy Nassar is an author and award-winning keynote speaker & facilitator who helps organizations leverage the transformative power of AI + Emerging Technology.

Strategic Foresight

Business leaders must find new ways forward in the face of uncertainty, adapting to changing regulatory environments, a reimagining of the future of work, AI & emerging technology, and ever-evolving customer expectations. Strategic Foresight provides a practical, scalable toolkit for forces & trends and anticipating their longer-term impact to your strategy. The Foresight Mindset ™ empowers your teams & leaders to manage risk and confidently make decisions in dynamic and uncertain environments. Ramy Nassar is an author and award-winning keynote speaker & facilitator who helps organizations think strategic about the positive and negative disruptors that will impact their business in the years to come.

 A Foresight Mindset ™ helps individuals & organizations:

  • Improve strategic decision making
  • Enhance innovation capabilities
  • Increase resilience to disruption
  • Better allocate resources and investments
  • Improve communications and collaboration

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