Richard van Hooijdonk – Keynote Speaker

Trendwatcher and Futurist

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Specialist Subjects

  • The Future
  • Trends 2030
  • The organization of the future
  • Welcome to the New reality



  • English


As a futurist, keynotespeaker and trendwatcher, Richard van Hooijdonk is an authority on new technology. He has several Chip-implants, because he wants to physically experience the future. His inspiration sessions have been attended by over 550,000 people. Richard is a regular guest at radio and television programs.

With his international research team, he researches many trends in the field of robotics, drones, self-driving systems, 3D & 4D printing, sensors, blockchain, quantum computing, neurotech, biotech, platforms and augmented & virtual reality. Combined with artificial intelligence, these technologies offer groundbreaking opportunities, but also lead to challenges and threats for people, organisations and governments.

Since 2014, Richard has been a speaker at many prestigious institutions and organisations, such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Samsung, Gartner, Interpol, the European Commission, PWC, Deloitte,, Heineken, Unilever, Huawei, NIKE, and many more.

Furthermore, he is the CEO of future-focused intelligence agency Trendforce, which recently introduced its COVID-19 ‘Road to Recovery’ program.

He is driven by a desire to inject innovation and imagination into the mindsets of the people and organisations who are going to shape the world of tomorrow. With the right forward-looking mindset, he believes that we can better effect change for the improvement of our health, happiness, and prosperity.

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