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Senior Investment & Markets Analyst and Former Anchor, BBC World Service

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Specialist Subjects

  • Unlocking the Door to Female Financial Empowerment
  • Taking the Temperature of the Global Economy
  • How to Re-Connect a Geo-Politically Fractured World
  • Why the Collision of Crypto and Celebrity Worlds could Hold Back Fin Tech
  • Sustainability - Money Spinning Yarn – The Second-Hand Retail Revolution
  • Facilitation
  • Women in Business
  • Retail


  • French


Susannah Streeter worked as an anchor and presenter for nearly 18 years. During her time with World Business Report on the BBC World Service and BBC World TV, she delivered breaking stories and gained insight into unfolding economic events from entrepreneurs, economists and analysts.

In August 2020, Susannah Streeter joined Hargreaves Lansdown as a Senior Investment & Markets Analyst, using her well-honed skills to give expert analysis and commentary for TV, Radio, online and print. She engages in various topics, including shares, financial markets and economics.

Prior to covering an international news agenda, Susannah was a regular face on BBC One’s Breakfast, reporting live from across the UK and Europe. She has also reported for the consumer affairs programme Working Lunch and the BBC’s Budget coverage.

Susannah Streeter has worked across BBC News output for more than a decade, including Newsnight, the Today programme, and the BBC News Channel.

Before joining the BBC, Susannah worked in first print and then radio news, including time at Radio France International and the French regional newspaper Ouest France. She then took a position at Channel One TV as one of the UK’s first video journalists, before joining ITV.

Between 1997 and 2007 Susannah served in the Royal Auxiliary Air Force, joining 7644 Squadron, a media operations unit, where she rose to the rank of Squadron Leader and represented UK reserves at NATO’s CIOR Congress (Confédération Interalliée des Officiers de Réserve).

Susannah Streeter regularly hosts corporate events in both French and English, focused on international business themes and challenges. She is an experienced moderator and speaker having worked on a huge range of events and speaking engagements.

Popular Talks by Susannah Streeter

Unlocking the Door to Female Financial Empowerment

Money is the soundtrack to our lives. From squeezing a fistful of sweaty pennies as we navigated pick and mix treats, to the pounds earned during a Saturday job, to your first pay check and last pension contribution. Given that it’s an ever-present force pulsing through every part of our interaction with the world – you’d think that by now we’d have got the hang of it. Instead, money is a worry. It can keep us up at night. It can extinguish our hopes. It can lead to depression. Women effectively work for free for nearly two months of the year compared to the average man. Women are also losing out when it comes to investments, as they are far less likely to invest, which puts them at a financial disadvantage in the long term. Men have billions more in stocks and shares ISAs, investment accounts and pensions. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Susannah, as a senior investment and markets analyst and a campaigner for equal pay at the BBC unlocks the mysteries of the financial system. She helps build the knowledge manual to help women negotiate getting a better deal at home, work and in the world of investments.

Taking the Temperature of the Global Economy

Following a year of shocks, from the invasion of Ukraine to commodity price spirals and bond market mayhem, investors are set to remain highly sensitive to further upheaval particularly given that a third of the world is set to enter recession in 2023. Inflation is showing signs of easing and consumers are proving more resilient that expected but investors are much more highly attuned to the potential for threats to escalate.

Susannah Streeter constantly takes a temperature check on the world economy in her role as a senior investment and markets analyst. She explains the task ahead for central bank officials, still trying to rein in inflation.

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