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Maximising Personal and Team Talent

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Specialist Subjects

  • Maximise Your Personal and Team Talent
  • Securing Your Future by Becoming Significant
  • Authentic Charisma - Discover the Future of Leadership and Engagement
  • Building a Powerful Network
  • Presenting with Power, Passion and Presence


Sylvia Baldock enables Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs to recognise the unique value they bring to the workplace and to lead with confidence and purpose.

Tapping into her experience as a Theatre Sister in Open Heart Surgery where team engagement and collaboration were paramount to life changing outcomes, Sylvia is quick to spot dysfunctions in leaders and teams and to address the issues that are blocking their collaboration, engagement and productivity.

She brings her 30+ years of experience working with hundreds of business leaders, entrepreneurs and teams, transforming, motivating and inspiring everyone she works with to greater productivity, engagement and ongoing success.

Sylvia Baldock specialises in identifying your inherent strengths and challenges and working with you to ensure you are playing to those strengths 70-80% of your working time.

When you are utilising your natural skill set, you consistently deliver at a very high standard, you become increasingly creative in your specialist area and you solve problems like never before. You are recognised as a trusted ‘expert’ and the ‘go to’ person and in your field.

Sylvia Baldock also utilises impactful profiling to identify how to harness the real value each team member has to offer. This generates frank and open discussion and results in a collaborative culture where your people value their differences, tap into each other’s strengths and become more collaborative, motivated, productive and profitable.

She has extensive experience working with Business leaders, CEO groups, Senior Managers, Senior Women, Entrepreneurs, Charities and Social Enterprises, SMEs, CIMA, AAT and NHS supply teams. She is high energy, very authentic and engaging and never fails to delight her audiences.

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