Blockchain Keynote Speakers

Expert in smart cities, urban design and emergent technologies
Expert in Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities and Fintech
Global Digital Leader
Chairman of the Financial Services Club
Digital Transformation Strategist
Expert on digital money
Authority on Business Agility and Blockchain
Business consultant
Renowned Cryptographic and Technology Security Guru
Author of bestseller Currency Wars
Financial Market Futurist
Global Trends Expert
Expert on Banking and Payment
Speaker on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Big Data and how these technologies change your organisation
CEO and Co-Founder Codec, a creative intelligence platform enabling you to invest in content that resonates with untapped audiences
Engineer, entrepreneur, and futurist
Professor, Polymath, Technologist, Entrepreneur and Ex CTO at BT
Europe's most experienced, most successful and most widely published futurologist
Award winning futurist speaker, entrepreneur, specialist advisor and strategic change agent
Global Technology Futurist
Recent President of Estonia