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Specialist Subjects

  • AI: The New Frontier in Education
  • Leading in the AI Era: A Blueprint for Visionaries
  • Agile Development in the AI Epoch: A Game Changer
  • AI Transcending Business Sectors: A Sectorial Analysis
  • AI Empowerment Across Organizational Hierarchies
  • AI for the C-Suite: Steering the Ship in the AI Waters
  • AI Success Chronicles: From Vision to Victory
  • AI in Retail: Revolutionizing Consumer Experiences
  • AI and the Future of Finance: A New Dawn
  • AI-Driven Healthcare: Lifesaving Innovations
  • AI for Sustainable Business Practices: The Green Algorithm
  • Online Business in the AI Epoch: Beyond Boundaries


  • English
  • Swedish


Pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives globally, Karl Lillrud is a beacon in both business and innovation.

His recognitions as one of the TOP10 Thought Leaders on AI by Thinkers360, alongside his ranking as 11th among the world’s TOP30 speakers by Global Gurus, and a TOP Voice awards reflect his esteemed position.

A best-selling author and with his book, “You, Me And AI,” he delves into the AI revolution from 54 different angles, underscoring his extensive understanding of the subject. In the book, he explores how AI is transforming various aspects of society including education, work, creativity, and even our sense of identity, examining topics such as digital immortality, machines understanding spirituality, and the reinvention of democracy through AI governance.

Karl Lillrud’s speaking topics provide insight into his depth of knowledge in AI. He covers a broad range of AI-related topics when booked for events, including how to harness AI for business growth, driving customer engagement with AI, AI and the future of work, AI ethics, and leveraging AI for innovation among others. His ability to discuss AI from various dimensions, from technical to ethical, showcases his comprehensive understanding of AI and its implications in the contemporary world.

His recognition of the implications of AI on industries, and the proactive incorporation of cutting-edge technology in his business strategies, denotes a forward-thinking approach. In his speaking presentations, Karl empowers audiences to navigate the complexities and opportunities generated by disruptive technology, making him a sought-after speaker in international conferences and corporate events.

Karl Lillrud’s broad spectrum of AI-related topics, coupled with his practical insights into leveraging AI for business growth and innovation, set him apart. His practical approach to AI, grounded in real-world business acumen and a deep understanding of consumer behavior, enables him to provide actionable insights to audiences, thereby possibly making him a relatable and impactful speaker on AI topics.

Embarking on his professional journey in 1996, Karl Lillrud has been the catalyst for growth for organizations globally for companies like, H&M, Volvo, AstraZeneca, Klarna, Spotify, Qliro, 3 and many more. His first venture in 1996, an IT consulting firm, was just the inception of a career characterized by innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. His battle with dyslexia in his early academic years morphed into a strength, nurturing a creative, problem-solving mindset.

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