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Specialist Subjects

  • Artificial intelligence beyond the fog of hype and hysteria
  • Trustworthy AI - an oxymoron?
  • Strategy and decision-making in the era of artificial intelligence - from decision-making to exception-making
  • Digital is not (necessarily) sustainable
  • Blockchain
  • Quantum Computing
  • Big Data
  • Responsibility and Regulation in AI
  • Metaverse



  • English


Artificial intelligence (AI) is probably the most disruptive technological development in human history, and it is ubiquitous; from the facial recognition on your smartphone to supply chain optimization, from food production to medical research, from online shopping to human-like content generators.

Although artificial intelligence has been an academic discipline for six decades, it was the launch of ChatGPT by OpenAI in November 2022 that really made AI a common topic. Now, AI is omnipresent and everybody has an opinion about it. Nonetheless, navigating in this landscape clouded by both hype and fear may be a daunting challenge. According to Elin Hauge, understanding the basics of artificial intelligence should be as compulsory for any leader in 2024 as having a computer. She claims that knowledge and competence is the only viable path for sustainable and profitable decision-making in the era of artificial intelligence.

Elin has built bridges between data-fuelled technologies and business value for more than 20 years, with AI as her main area of expertise. Through her work with business leaders and tech entrepreneurs, she has developed an exceptional ability to connect the dots between business strategy and the application of AI. She brings new perspectives to known challenges, relentlesslydemystifying jargon and buzz words, and is always three steps ahead with her perspectives on sustainability, responsibility, regulation, and disruption.

She has a humoristic, down-to-earth, and pragmatic approach to what is actually possible with AI here and now, what’s responsible to do in the context of both your company and the society, and what you as a leader need to understand to make the right decisions. She then takes the futurist perspective, looking five steps ahead at the potential scenarios and future outcomes, challenging our established beliefs and points-of view.

Regulation of artificial intelligence has become a key global topic. Different regions have different approaches to regulation, e.g. USA, the EU, and China. Regulation means compliance requirements, and also defines certain prohibited applications. In her talks, Elin breaks down key elements of the relevant regulation to digestible and actionable elements.

Elin systematically brings in the human perspective; “it is up to us – the humans – to design the future of artificial intelligence to be human-more, not human-less.” In her talks, she provides tangible and well-grounded recommendations for how to reap real benefits with AI, how to comply with regulations, and how to embrace AI as an integral and sustainable part of your business or organization.

Elin Hauge holds a MEng in Biophysics and Medical Technology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and a MSc in Management Science and Operational Research from Warwick Business School. Recently, she has also embarked upon law studies to further strengthen her ability to connect the dots between responsible and accountable business practices and regulation. Her strong academic background from mathematics and physics, combined with broad business experience, provides a rock-solid foundation for her perspectives on the revolutionary opportunities and complex challenges with and around artificial intelligence.

Popular Talks by Elin Hauge

Artificial intelligence beyond the fog of hype and hysteria

The launch of chatGPT made artificial intelligence (AI), and in particular generative AI, the hottest topic of 2023. Everybody has an opinion about it, ranging from starstruck awe to existential fear. At the same time, authorities and business professionals alike predict that artificial intelligence will be the single most important factor in innovation and increased value-creation in the coming decade. But what is artificial intelligence really about, and what makes it so powerful? Are we standing at the doorstep of a future where Singularity rules the world, humans are mere servants, and we are all subject to the whims of a ubiquitous artificial intelligence? In this talk, Elin guides the audience through the fog of hype and hysteria, and explains how mathematics and statistics applied to large amounts of data can automate tasks and processes, completely change business models, redefine search and research, and fuel innovation of new products and services. She then invites the audience to reflect on the flip-sides of artificial intelligence, such as responsibility, accountability, discriminatory practices, cyber security, and sustainability. The bottom line is, artificial intelligence is here to stay. How will this impact you, and what should you do to remain relevant in your position?

Audience takeaways:

  • Pragmatic understanding of what artificial intelligence actually entails, including references to and explanations of recent developments.
  • Future-looking perspectives on the alignment of humans and machines.
  • Realistic expectations of the power of artificial intelligence.

Trustworthy AI - an oxymoron?

Generative AI tools like chatGPT and its peers have fundamentally challenged our trust in machines. ‘Hallucination’ is no longer merely a symptom of a human condition, it is the characterisation of the mismatch between human expectations for how machines should work and what generative AI is really about. At the same, media reports an increasing numberof stories about artificial intelligence causing discriminatory practices in public services, healthcare, education, law enforcement, etc. To overcome this misalignment between humans and machines, we need to fundamentally understand the implications of using artificial intelligence tools, aka mathematics and statistics applied to large amounts of data, to automize tasks, processes, and decisions. How can companies and organizations approach the collection and algorithmic use of data in a way that builds and maintains trust? Where does regulation come into the picture, and how can compliance with new AI regulations be ensured?  How can we navigate in a digital world where the borders between real and fake are continuously challenged?

Audience takeaways:

  • Concrete understanding of what artificial intelligence actually entails, including references to and explanations of recent developments.
  • Pragmatic overview of the coming AI Act from the EU Commission
  • Recommendations for how to close the trust gap between humans and algorithms.

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