Andreas Weigend – Keynote Speaker

Former Chief Scientist of Amazon and Expert in Big Data

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Specialist Subjects

  • Big Data
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Social-mobile technologies
  • Regaining power over our data



  • English
  • German


Andreas Weigend is one of the world’s leading experts in data and social networks. He is the former chief scientist of and an expert in big data, consumer behavior and social-mobile technologies, the combination of which he calls the Social Data Revolution. He is convinced that we can hide nothing, because man creates digital traces by living.

After studying physics in Germany and Cambridge, Andreas Weigend completed his doctoral degree in neuronal networks from Stanford University. During his time as Chief Scientist at Amazon, he analyzed Amazon’s user data and was involved in the development of the company’s data strategy and innovation culture.

Dr. Andreas Weigend teaches at both Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley. He explores the changes brought about by the social data revolution and how it affects consumers’ purchasing and lifestyle choices. He also teaches undergraduate, graduate, MBA and executive courses at top schools in the US and China. He is the founder and director of Social Data Lab, a group of thought leaders and data scientists, and advises companies and organizations around the world on data. His clients include Alibaba, BMW, Deutsche Telekom and Lufthansa.

As a member of the German Federal Government’s Digital Council, he believes that data monopolists like Amazon, Facebook and Google have to make the data that they use commercially available to all. Dr. Weigend sees the data as the global capital of our digital age. He is the author of the book “Data for the People”, in which he describes what Silicon Valley does with our data and what data rights he think it needs.

As a much sought-after international speaker, Andreas Weigend shows what amazing possibilities data offers and what the social data revolution means for people, businesses and society.

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