Ian Thornton-Trump – Keynote Speaker

Renowned Cryptographic and Technology Security Guru

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Specialist Subjects

  • Cyber Crime
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Digital Forensics
  • Security Software



  • English


Ian Thornton-Trump has been a ubiquitous user of cryptographic systems for a long time.  His experiences range from his time in the military handling classified information to understanding how cryptography impacts sensitive law enforcement investigations, into the activities of cyber criminals.


Ian Thornton-Trump provides an excellent perspective on how modern society and criminal groups have embraced and abused cryptography. By carefully studying indictments of cyber criminals, insight can be gleaned into how cryptography provides an illusion of security for nearly everyone – especially cyber criminals.


Despite the clamoring for Encryption “back doors” law enforcement still manages to bring cyber criminals to justice through traditional and non-traditional investigative techniques.


With a wealth of experience of cryptography, Ian Thornton-Trump is well-placed to analyse digital currency.  He describes Bitcoin as an anonymous currency and a potentially gigantic insider crypto mining threat to a business, if that business does not have provisioning and financial controls in place.  He warns that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are a result of both success in anti-money laundering efforts, and a failure to innovate to securely transfer money between institutions and individuals.


Ian can share his thoughts on one of the most captivating public policy discussions of our time: To crypto or To Not crypto?

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