Itiel Dror – Keynote Speaker

Senior Cognitive Neuroscience Researcher at UCL

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Specialist Subjects

  • The human mind and brain
  • Decision making and human biases
  • Performance and cognition
  • Perception, learning, and decision making
  • Why we make mistakes and how to minimise them
  • Why technology makes us stupid?


  • English


Dr Itiel Dror’s academic work relates to theoretical issues underlying human cognition and decision making. His research examines the brain mechanisms involved in perception, judgment, and decision making. In examining and knowing how to influence decision making, it is critical to understand both the processes by which decision alternatives are identified, evaluated and considered, and the actual selecting mechanism that leads to the decision choice.

One must also remember that perception and decisions are not made in isolation. They do not only depend on the actual ‘objective’ data-driven information. A variety of external influences play a major role in how information is perceived, processed, evaluated, and represented, which all have critical roles in the decision making process and its outcome.

Dr Dror has published over a hundred peer-reviewed scientific articles and his work has been covered by the Economist and leading professional journals such as Science and Nature. He is on several Editorial Boards, including the Journal of Applied Research in Memory & Cognition (JARMAC) and Pragmatics & Cognition.

Dr Itiel Dror’s speciality is in taking the most theoretical scientific understanding of the human mind, brain and cognition, and translating it into practical and tangible ways to impact human decisions in real-world domains. This applied research and consultancy has primarily focused on how people make decisions and how this is (and can be) mediated by technology. For example, Dr Dror has research and advised how to influence consumers and impact their behaviour and decisions.

Dr Itiel Dror has received the ABP (Association for Business Psychology) Annual Chairman’s Award, for the best achievements and excellence in Business Psychology.

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