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CEO of The Body Shop (2013-2018)

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Specialist Subjects

  • 7 New Rules of Leadership for a Post Pandemic World
  • Purposeful Moves
  • Hit Extraordinary Goals
  • Digitise Or Die
  • Invent Zero Climate Pollution
  • Everyone’s A Leader Now
  • Dissect The Money


  • English


Jeremy Schwartz is a multinational CEO having led The Body Shop, Pandora and Conival PLC, been Managing Director for L’Oréal UK, CMO and Marketing Director for News International, Coca-Cola and Sainsbury’s supermarkets. He is now Chairman of the Kantar/WPP Sustainability and Diversity practice and advisor to McKinsey’s Business Transformation practice.

His experience covers a diversity of cultures, channels and products which gives him a unique perspective and insight on the leadership and management demands for global and country level teams and investors worldwide.

As CEO Jeremy Schwartz has overseen operations in ninety countries from the US to China, Brazil to Saudi and the UK to Ukraine and he and his teams have driven e-commerce and omnichannel growth and managed owned and franchise direct-to-consumer retailing across 3500 stores.

Throughout Jeremy’s career he has been the architect of a number of business, brand and product transformations. His expertise in consumer insight, marketing and brands has many notable firsts such as launching the line “Because I’m Worth it”, creating the multibillion $ Coke Zero brand and has underpinned the business turnarounds of The Body Shop, Pandora and Sainsbury’s each of which have moved from decline into sustained growth.

Jeremy Schwartz is one of the few CMO’s to become a CEO and his wealth of experience underpins his insights on the leadership mindset, qualities and skills needed to succeed in today’s complex and disruptive times. “The 7 New Rules of Leadership for a Post Pandemic World” are packed with relevant and up to date personal examples, tips, tricks and concrete actions that an audience can apply straightaway.

Popular Talks by Jeremy Schwartz

7 New Rules of Leadership for a Post Pandemic World

The 7 New Rules of Leadership for a Post Pandemic World will inspire every business leader with exciting and concrete ways to overcome the challenges they face today and secure superior business results they want. Each rule gives a fresh perspective to the responsibilities of leadership from crafting and making purpose full moves to dissecting the money to ensure profitable growth is delivered. The rules empower the listener with fresh, progressive ways to get better results leading teams of individuals to achieve extraordinary goals. Jeremy has personally applied and tested each rule across his CEO roles and shares the real-life stories and experiences that both he and other converts have experienced.

Purposeful Moves

Jeremy creates inspiring, unforgettable purpose statements that inspire iconic moves. He shows how business leaders can do that too, sharing examples of purpose statements his team created for The Body Shop, L’Oreal, Pandora and a number of consulting clients. More importantly, Jeremy explains how business leaders have to act to make their purpose count to drive business results. Full of practical actions and examples Jeremy shows how to drive on-purpose actions day to day actions. Then how a purpose should be used to springboard transformational innovations that bring new revenue streams and demonstrate purpose drives extraordinary actions. Of course, many people believe a purpose is about sustainability and social responsibility, but Jeremy shows it is much more than just that, it is a whole new way to run a company, lead your people and do business.

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