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Award-winning speaker, with a Branding, Marketing, Data career spanning over 20 years, expert on Branding, Artificial Intelligence, Marketing for today’s Business Leaders

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Specialist Subjects

  • ChatGPT & AI in Marketing and Branding: How to use it to build sales and cut costs
  • ABC's of Creating & Growing your Brand
  • Data: Using Data and Analytics correctly and turning it into increased Sales & Income
  • 5 Steps to Sucess with Digital Marketing & Social Media
  • 10 Easy Ways to Treat your Customers like they are Family
  • "What is a Brand" for 800!
  • Hiring
  • World Class Customer Service
  • Multigenerational teams
  • Trial to Triumph: The Most Difficult Time of My Life Was Also The Most Successful


  • English


Jon Lakefish is a highly accomplished marketing and branding expert, leveraging over two decades of experience to foster business growth and brand recognition. His deep understanding of consumer behavior, coupled with a passion for technological innovation, has enabled him to successfully lead marketing and branding initiatives for a diverse spectrum of industries.

Recently, Jon has championed the cutting-edge field of AI in marketing and branding, becoming a recognized authority in this arena. He is frequently invited to share his expertise at industry events and conferences, where his engaging presentations, filled with practical insights and forward-thinking perspectives, illuminate the opportunities and challenges inherent in leveraging AI for marketing and branding.

In addition to his speaking engagements, Jon offers consulting services to businesses of all sizes, guiding them in harnessing the power of AI to amplify their brands and escalate sales. Clients under Jon’s mentorship have realized unprecedented levels of efficiency, creativity, and impact in their marketing and branding initiatives.

In summary, Jon Lakefish is a dynamic leader and respected innovator in the marketing and branding industry. With a discerning eye for emerging trends and an unwavering commitment to delivering measurable results, Jon continues to shape the future of marketing and branding strategies.


Popular Talks by Jon Lakefish

ChatGPT & AI in Marketing and Branding: How to use it to build sales and cut costs

ChatGPT and other AI platforms are popping up and marketing and branding professionals are slowly embracing them. In this workshop we will share details on what ChatGPT is, along with using it in real-time. You will take a look at some other AI platforms that are taking Graphic Design to a whole new level and we will review some uses that are currently in play. You will then have a discussion about whether these tools are essential for the future of marketing and branding or if they are a form of cheating.

Jon’s perspective is that these tools are here to stay and will only get better and better, and those of us that know about them, will have an edge over our competition

ABC's of Creating & Growing your Brand

In this fast paced session, you will go over everything you need to know as you create and grow your brand. From Authenticity (being honest in everything you do) to Zooming In & Zooming Out (seeing your brand from the perspective of your customers, your team members, and your stakeholders), this session covers it all.

You will leave with a list of things you can do to build your brand, and Jon’ll be a phone call or an email away if you have any questions along the way.

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