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Specialist Subjects

  • How to NOT build a bank in 3 easy steps
  • Digitisation, innovation and tech change: 15 years in... what next
  • Navigating uncertainty: how to decide what to do, what not to do and who to do it all with
  • What does future-proofing your business look like in the digital era?
  • Culture and leadership as obstacles to strategic change
  • The problem with digital transformation... is you
  • Your Digital ‘Ever After’: future-proofing your transformation strategy
  • Emergent tech in payments
  • Intelligence may be Artificial, Foolishness is Not
  • Regulatory change, innovation and competition in banking: are we worried about the right things?
  • Future of Banking, Future of Money
  • Embedded finance, BaaS and platform economics: what is the threat and opportunity for you
  • Fight like a girl: diversity and good business sense
  • The return of the JEDI: Justice, equality, diversity and inclusion. What we are getting wrong and how to stop that.



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Leda Glyptis is a seasoned fintech executive and former banker, with a career spanning two decades working in transformation and technology functions across a variety of financial services verticals.

She works as an advisor to boards and executive teams for companies of all sizes, from young startups to globally significant financial institutions, supporting leadership teams in transition: be it a process of transforming themselves, their business or their software infrastructure.

Leda Glyptis served as the Chief Client Officer of 10x Banking and the founding CEO of 11:FS Foundry (both in the cloud-native core banking space); she was the Chief Innovation Officer of Qatar National Bank and held a variety of innovation and transformation roles at BNY Mellon.

Leda sits on the board of Flagstone IM. Over the years, she has held a number of NED positions in fintech firms in Europe and the UK including chairing the Board of Geophy (now a Walker and Dunlop company) through its successful exit.

Leda Glyptis is a frequent keynote speaker at flagship industry events globally including Sibos, M20/20, Finovate as well as specialist regional events; she is the author of the highly acclaimed #LedaWrites column on Fintech Futures and the book ‘Bankers Like Us: Dispatches from an Industry in Transition’ published by Taylor and Francis in 2023.

She completed her undergraduate studies at King’s College Cambridge and holds an MSc and PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Popular Talks by Leda Glyptis

How to NOT build a bank in 3 easy steps

Building a challenger bank? Revamping a legacy organisaation? Thinking about expanding your services deeper into regulated territory? Everyone is building a bank nowadays… and everyone is doing it wrong. What are those common errors and what should you be doing instead?

Navigating uncertainty: how to decide what to do, what not to do and who to do it all with

‘Digital disruption’ is in its second decade, the economy is fully digital and yet the financial services sector is still playing catch up.It is evident that the approach we have taken so far is not taking us in the right direction fast enough and the world is only getting more complex. What should we be doing differently? What should we be doing instead of what we are doing right now to remain competitive in a changing economy?

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