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Specialist Subjects

  • AI and Creativity
  • Ethics, Responsibility, Standards and Regulations in AI Deployment
  • AI’s Transformative Potential in Business and Society
  • Navigating the Future: Crafting a Resilient AI Strategy for Sustainable Business Transformation
  • Boosting Business Creativity: Unleashing AI's Power
  • Co-Author's Brief: Harnessing ISO 8183 for AI Data Lifecycle Excellence
  • AI-Driven Business Growth: Forming Effective Strategies
  • Strategies for Effective AI Procurement: Ensuring the Right Fit for Your Business
  • AI Empowerment Across Marketing, Sales, HR, and CX
  • C-Suite Guide: Thriving with AI in the Human-Machine Era
  • AI Insights: Closing Skills Gaps and Shaping Future Jobs


  • English


Matthew Blakemore is a prominent figure in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), acclaimed for his expertise in digital transformation and AI strategy. Celebrated for his innovative contributions, he has been honoured with the U.K. Business Award for ‘Tech Visionary’. His strategic involvement in the Advisory Committee of the Innovate UK Bridge AI Program, backed by a £100M UK Government Fund to enhance AI adoption across diverse sectors, highlights his key role in advancing AI technology.

Additionally, Matthew is a prolific speaker, having addressed over 15 high-profile global events on AI in the past six months, showcasing his thought leadership. His creative prowess extends to using AI tools to produce award winning (IMDb qualifying) films, showcased by film festivals and displayed at prestigious venues including the European Broadcasting Union, and the Flagey Building (home to the first ever TV broadcast in Belgium) to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Belgian Broadcaster VRT.

In his enduring role as a member of the International Standards Organization (ISO), he has been instrumental as sub-editor of ISO/IEC 8183 AI Data Lifecycle Standard, highlighting his commitment to share his knowledge to support the global community in their adoption of AI. His involvement with the ISO, coupled with his contributions to the British Standards Institution (BSI) and his commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, has earned him wide acclaim, including being shortlisted for the ‘CogX Global Goals Impact Award.’ This accolade, along with his decade-long track record of driving innovation from conceptualisation to commercial success, solidifies his status as a key figure in the AI community, dedicated to its ethical and responsible implementation.

During his impactful tenure at the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), he invented, patented, and led the development of an innovative AI-driven video classification solution. This tool enables the organisation to produce multiple territory-specific age ratings and content advice from a single viewing. Alongside this, he spearheaded the creation of a multimodal AI tool, developed in collaboration with Amazon Web Services and the University of Bath. This advanced system leverages speech, sound, and visual recognition to identify compliance issues and their severity within videos.

At ‘Looks Good On Me,’ he combined his entrepreneurial spirit with his expertise in AI to transform the fashion industry by reducing online returns by making the in-store experience more engaging. Leveraging image recognition technology with bespoke algorithms, his team developed a mobile application capable of suggesting clothing items from partner retailers’ inventories, that go well with the item users photograph. For this endeavour him and his co-founder won the Prince Abdul Aziz Entrepreneurial Award, and University of Hertfordshire Flare Competition.

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