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The Mind Behind the Movement Transforming The Future of Leadership, AI and Disruption, MIT Entrepreneur Mentor, Visiting Professor at IE Business School, Founder, Hack Future Lab, 5X Bestselling Author, Winner of the Global Recognition Award for Thought Leadership

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Specialist Subjects

  • The Upside of Disruption: Turn disruption into tailwinds for strategic courage
  • The Age of Co-Intelligence: Leading and Thriving at the Speed of AI
  • Courage over Conformity: Why not taking a risk is a risk
  • Dare to Evolve: Leading from the Future
  • Unlearn: Why Good Leaders learn but great leaders unlearn
  • Humanity over bureaucracy: How to crush BMI (Bureaucratic Misery Index)


  • English


Terence Mauri, one of the world’s leading experts and keynote speakers on Leadership, AI, and Disruption, inspires and motivates teams to thrive in ever-changing contexts. Thinkers50 has described Terence as “an influential and outspoken thinker on the future of leadership.”

Terence Mauri is the founder of Future Insights think tank Hack Future Lab, a best-selling author, and one of the world’s most popular headline keynote speakers who inspire leaders to sharpen their future readiness muscle. Terence holds an Entrepreneur Mentor in Residence at MIT and is a visiting Professor at IE Business School. He is an MIT Global Insights partner with over 25 years of track record of battle-tested ideas to turn disruption into a tailwind for laser-like focus, strategic courage, and value creation. Firms, including Google, HSBC, Pfizer, and Assurant, partner with Terence as their go-to thinker to ignite new thinking for the Intelligence Age.

His upcoming book, The Upside of Disruption: The Path to Leading and Thriving in The Unknown, has been described as “Breakthrough thinking to unlock huge potential” by Chris Barton, the founder of Shazam.

Terence has first-hand experience growing $100m+ businesses in rapidly changing times as a former director of one of the world’s largest advertising agencies, where he advised clients from iconic companies, including Apple, Microsoft, and Novartis. He says: “Change used to happen as a breeze. Now, it feels like a category-five typhoon. But it’s never been easier to miss the upside of disruption. Leaders should not waste one of the biggest reframing moments of their lifetimes because the future isn’t just about tech and trends. It’s about mindsets and choices, too. My #1 call to action is, “We always overestimate the risk of trying something new and underestimate the risk of standing still. When volatility is high, not taking a risk is a risk.”

Terence’s keynotes have been described as the “equivalent of a double espresso for leaders” by Unilever and “the most wisdom per keynote” by Nike. He believes we should not waste the biggest reframing moments of our lifetimes, and when the world evolves, we must adapt too.

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