Enrique Dans – Keynote Speaker

Professor of Innovation at IE Business School

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Specialist Subjects

  • Why Digital Transformation forced by the pandemic must become part of a much deeper transformation
  • How work environment will evolve
  • Health in the near Future
  • Machine Learning
  • Educating for the Future
  • New Economy
  • Green Transformation
  • Managing Innovation
  • Understanding Disruption
  • Communication for the Digital Era


  • English
  • Spanish


Enrique Dans received his Ph.D. from the Anderson School at UCLA, an MBA from Instituto de Empresa (Madrid, Spain), a B.Sc. from Universidade de Santiago de Compostela and has postdoctoral studies at Harvard Business School. His research interests are related to the impact of disruptive technologies at three levels of analysis: individuals, companies and society.

Professor Enrique Dans has been teaching and consulting in the technology arena since 1990, is a frequent contributor and columnist in the business and economic press, is senior contributor at Forbes, participates in several technology startups and writes on a daily basis since 2003 in his page in spanish, enriquedans.com, and in English, https://medium.com/enrique-dans.

Enrique Dans is the author of two books: ”Todo va a cambiar” (2010) and “Living in the Future” (2019) with all the clues you need to understand how technology is changing our world.


Most demanded conference topics

– There is no way back: why Digital Transformation forced by the pandemic must become part of a much deeper transformation.

– Remote Work: how work environment will evolve from what we are doing from our homes to a much better understanding of the whole concept of Work. Mixing asynchronous and synchronous for the best.

– Health in the near Future: sensors, wearables and apps help us keep a constant monitoring of our health, changing the ways, from a mere healing experience to a real, preventive healthcare.

– Machine Learning: understanding one of the most important disruptions and how to efficiently implement it in your company.

– Educating for the Future: changing from a memorization approach to learning, to a new path of learning by experience, custom-made material and permanent unlearning.

– New Economy: how Neoliberal Capitalism and the School of Chicago should give way to a new stakeholder capitalism with special attention to sustainability.

– Green Transformation: changes on the energy map, decarbonization, electric vehicles and new market opportunities that help us cope with the current Climate Emergency.

– Managing Innovation: how Organizations can stay innovative and create a culture that not only accepts but pushes Innovation as a key element of the future.

– Understanding Disruption: Disruption is not an extravaganza nor an exception, but something that can challenge the future of any organization. Making managers understand you might have to change radically most of the things you do.

– Distribution and retail on the new era: from product-centric to client-centric environments. How e-commerce can help innovation on the actual chain distribution.

– Communication for the Digital Era: how to effectively communicate in the digital environment. Companies should abandon the old press release and embrace new digital strategies that relate to the most common sources of information of Today.

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