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Globally recognised expert in applied decision science, behavioural finance, sustainable investing, and financial wellbeing

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Specialist Subjects

  • Investing with Ulysses: Overcoming the Cost of Being Human
  • Centaur Design: Combining humans and technology to get more from each
  • Decision Noise
  • Beyond “Nudge”: Behavioural Design for Better Decisions
  • Sustainable Suitability: Shifting from risk-adjusted returns to preference-adjusted returns
  • Behavioural Wine Tasting
  • Decision Science
  • Applied Behavioural Finance
  • Investment decision making
  • Behavioural science of wine tasting
  • Wealth management & financial advice
  • Improving human decisions with technology
  • Sustainable investing
  • Music, intuition, and making better decisions
  • Group decision making
  • Open Outcry – what music can teach us about making better decisions
  • Trust in leadership: the behavioural science of trust
  • The behavioural science of trust



  • English


Greg B Davies combines academic rigour and real-life industry experience across a wide range of applied behavioural science topics … helping people make better decisions in practice.

His PhD in Behavioural Decision Theory was awarded by the University of Cambridge, and he is a specialist in both the theory and practice of investment decision making and financial advice.

He has lectured at Imperial College London and LSE, held associate fellowships at Oxford’s Said Business School and University College London, and is co-author of the book Behavioral Investment Management.

In 2006 he founded and led the first behavioural finance team in the banking world at Barclays where he was a Managing Director and Global Head of Behavioural Quant Finance for a decade.

Since 2017 Greg B Davies has been Head of Behavioural Science at fintech Oxford Risk, where he leads the development of its behavioural decision support software to help people make the best possible financial decisions.

He is a frequent speaker and lecturer, and runs Behavioural Wine Tasting events with Master of Wine John Downes, illustrating decision science with the help of wine.

Greg B Davies is Chair of Sound and Music, the UK’s national organisation for new music, and was co-creator of Open Outcry, a ‘reality opera’ premiered in London in 2012, creating live performance from a functioning trading floor.

Popular Talks by Greg B Davies

Investing with Ulysses: Overcoming the Cost of Being Human

How to design decision processes to make better investing decisions.
In all decisions poor decisions arise from the tension between the ‘right’ decision, and the ‘comfortable’ decision.
This need for emotional comfort means that investors continually deviate from good financial decisions, at the cost of financial returns – for investments this can cost on average 3% per year over time (and this is without considering other financial decisions: savings, debt, insurance etc.). Times of uncertainty and stress, and the rise of social media and accessible day trading all exacerbate this emotional cost of investing.
Improving decision-making requires moving towards a better trade-off between optimal and comfortable… finding a cheaper way of buying the emotional comfort that we all need. There are many ways of narrowing the gap, making investors more comfortable with better investment solutions … but to do this well requires understand each individual investor’s unique financial personality.
This requires significant commitment and effort, but everyone can become a better decision maker, whatever their objectives, by implementing a set of practical tools to control:
· You – use objective data to determine where your decision-making is poor and needs improvement
· Your environment – redesign the context of your decisions
· Your processes – build practical tools to improve decision-making
Decision prosthetics can help guide people more consistently to better decisions.

Centaur Design: Combining humans and technology to get more from each

In financial advice, as in medicine, there is an important distinction between diagnosis and prescription.
To diagnose complex situations humans should use decision prosthetics, tools, and technology to reduce human fallibility … but these need to be accurate.
Prescription on the other hand requires consideration of values, for which human judgement is vital, but which is aided by accurate diagnosis
Well-designed decision support tools can therefore enable humans to be more consistently their best selves.
· Improve accuracy of diagnosis.
· Reduce noise and improve consistency, removing human bias.
· Improve efficiency, taking on tasks humans are bad at, and giving people the gift of time to focus on what they do best.
· Guide humans in their complex task of assessing values, ambiguity, and providing emotional comfort.
For financial advice this requires the use of tools that accurately diagnose the complexity of the investor’s situation, including both their financial circumstances and their financial personality, and then bringing all this complexity together in a tool that guides advisers through the complexity, but doesn’t prescribe the solution … helping advisers most effectively help those they advise.

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