John Sanei – Keynote Speaker

Future trends specialist and member of the Singularity University

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Specialist Subjects

  • Future of Leadership
  • Future of Web3
  • Future of Work
  • Mental Well Being
  • HUMANtra
  • Organisational Transformation


  • English


John Sanei (Sah-nay) is a best-selling author, futurist and speaker whose passion for psychology and technology has seen him engage with brands across the globe, and help them build the mental approach needed to make tomorrow more abundant than they ever thought possible.

His goal in life is to bring courage, clarity, elegance and consciousness to audiences around the world, a mission that sees him traveling relentlessly from his two bases in Cape Town and New York to work with global brands and governments.

John Sanei is also proudly the first African faculty member of Singularity University in San Francisco and The Duke Corporate Education a testimony to his African foresight and strategic business expertise. His deep understanding of local African and international landscapes combined with his foresight to seek business synergy within the local and global trends and matching them with future human need states has led him to address and collaborate with forums and multi-nationals across Africa including; South Africa, Cairo, Egypt, Zambia, Namibia and Kenya. His experience with these large corporate and entrepreneurial businesses span the following sectors; insurance, macro and micro business enterprises, FMCG, manufacturing, oil and gas.

Popular Talks by John Sanei

Future of Leadership

Learn trailblazing leadership.

As a manager, leader, executive and/or board member understand the different leadership layers required to keep both today’s businesses thriving while planting seeds for what tomorrow requires.

Leadership is an evolving skill like all the skills we have learnt all the way from the agricultural era to the industrial era and now evolving at an even faster pace as we evolve into the quantum age. This is disorientating for everyone involved on every level of business, enterprise and government and especially for leaders who have not only to recalibrate their own skills but also of their people.

In this talk, John shares the latest research on the neuroscience redesign required to deal with challenges, the shifting organisational psychology needed to redesign organisations to be truly agile and how to build parallel teams needed to deal with the current and new rules of business.


–       Understand neuroscience. leaders need to recalibrate to relish challenges.

–       Unpacking the shifting landscape of business, moving from the industrial to quantum age.

–       Developing teams with new capabilities for new challenges while keeping the old teams intact.

Future of Web3

Understand the unrestrained human, digital and business possibilities of the future.

In this keynote, John unpacks the harmonious future of humans and technology and helps you explore and envision a life of unbounded possibilities within the new digital, social and economic futures.


–       Human 3.0_The Wisdom Reality The skills of the future differ dramatically from those we currently have at our disposal. Today, everything from education to work and how to add and create value demands more cognitive flexibility. Emotional and social intelligence and creative and innovative mindsets are the building blocks of the future.

–       Web 3.0_The Synthetic Reality Creative problem solving, resilience and a reimagined life all lie ahead. Technology has finally progressed to revolutionise our businesses and how we work within and without them. Learn how to leverage the metaverse, discover decentralised finance (de-fi) and explore new business ideas for physical and virtual audiences around the world.

–       Business 3.0 The Complex Reality As patterns become non-repetitive its essential we move from economies of scale to economies of learning allow real business agility, an essential function for the future.

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