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Entrepreneur & Investor, Author of Atomic Scaling and creator of the 3P3R Method®

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Specialist Subjects

  • Atomic Scaling: How Small Teams Create Huge Growth


  • English
  • French
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Entrepreneur and investor, Ludovic Bodin is the creator of both the 3P3R Method and Atomic Scaling Framework. His business interests span the globe.

Since 2013, he has invested in a variety of businesses that include gaming companies, live streaming entertainment, fintech, hydrogen-powered vehicles, e-commerce, AI service companies, and a longevity company. Many of Bodin’s investments have already passed the unicorn level, with a valuation of over one billion dollars.

His mission is to help entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and changemakers apply the Atomic Scaling Framework to their organizations and scale to serve. Ludovic lives with his wife and two daughters in Beijing, China.

Popular Talks by Ludovic Bodin

Atomic Scaling: How Small Teams Create Huge Growth

Based on lessons from the gaming industry, the key learnings from “Atomic Scaling” focus on achieving exponential growth while keeping the team as small as possible, for as long as possible.

It is particularly relevant for tech startups, digital businesses, and entrepreneurs looking to scale in the digital age with minimal resources.

The book introduces the 3P3R framework as a navigation system, consisting of:
– The 3Ps (People, Prediction, Playbook) focus on enhancing organizational capabilities.
– The 3Rs (Revenue, Reach, Retention) detail strategies to optimize the sales funnel.

Exploring each aspect of the 3P3R framework, the discussion extends to how to maintain a small yet highly efficient team, master the art of prediction, align the team, maximize reach and revenue, and unlock the secret to customer retention.

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