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“The Consulting Futurist”, introducing the Perennial Mindset: An Antidote to Future Shock

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Specialist Subjects

  • The perennial mindset – an antidote for future shock
  • One - The Rise of The Perennials
  • Anticipation - Creating Hope for The Future
  • UnrealBusiness - The Next Generation of Enterprise
  • When The Machine Stops
  • Leading from the inside out – the empathy engine
  • The Rise of The Corporate Apothecary
  • The future of work – technologies that no one is talking about
  • Natural stupidity and artificial intelligence – the case for cognitive diversity
  • Why facts don't change people – transformation in a post-truth age
  • Science and Storytelling


  • English


Scott has had successful careers as a scientist, HR Director, business consultant, musical producer, and non-executive director (British Olympic Bobsleigh, Orkney Science Festival). Now, as an international speaker, he brings his unique brand of cinematic and insightful keynotes to your events. His keynotes make a lasting impression on attendees, to take on the challenges of today, tomorrow, and beyond.

From working with a global and diverse client list (including British Gas, Amazon, Capgemini, SwissRe, and the NHS), he learned that most problems are complex and require diverse approaches.

“It is remarkably hard to understand the system you are part of if you can only see your part.” Scott believes people with the fewest blind spots have the best chance of success.

Reflecting his creative approach to research, writing and speaking, Scott engages his audience in imagining positive futures in which disruptive technologies (AI, Biotech, and new social norms) have changed society, geopolitics, organisations, commerce, manufacturing, and the very nature of what it means to be a human being. Extrapolating this to their organisation’s opportunities and challenges opens up the creative mindsets needed to develop next-level performance.

Scott’s presentation style reflects his ferocious curiosity. His talks are full of real-life stories and high-impact creatives that inform, inspire, and give people the tools, mental models, and repeatable approaches they need to take to achieve their personal and organisational goals.

Popular Talks by Scott McArthur

The perennial mindset – an antidote for future shock

Perennials defy age, marked by a FUTURE (S) LITERATE mindset. They’re ever-curious, transcending generational labels and valuing authenticity in a digital age. Workplaces must evolve, recognising talent beyond age and needing adaptive leadership. The Perennials’ ethos points to an inclusive future, where age is a testament to experience, not a limit.

One - The Rise of The Perennials

The importance of biology and biotechnology for all of our futures, the unity of humankind and knowledge (consilience).

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