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Global Transformer and Future of Work Leader, former Executive at Walmart Canada and Deloitte, DMZ’s Women of the Year, SickKids Innovator

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Specialist Subjects

  • Never Waste A Good Crisis: In times of change, embrace the opportunity for transformation
  • Unblock Your Team: Embrace new ways of leading to drive clarity, value, and employee engagement
  • Micro-Innovations: The Next Big Thing Could be Small
  • The next big thing: Retail trends and technologies that are reshaping how customers shop
  • Unleash Agility: Transform for a dynamic world


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Suzanne Knight, MBA, MA is an award-winning expert on transformational change and the future of work. CEO and founder of mBolden human capital consulting firm, Suzanne works with organizations around the world helping them anticipate and adapt to change so they can thrive, rather than just survive. Through her own firm and nearly a decade at Deloitte, Suzanne worked with over 40 clients in 12 countries. Beyond her consulting work, Suzanne is an active angel investor with The Firehood, start-up advisor, and tech founder. She previously spent 5 years with Walmart Canada as Vice President, Transformational Service with a 100,000+ employee portfolio and Philip Morris International leading organization transformation and change for Canada.

Suzanne is an active speaker, presenter, and facilitator, having recently spoken for Deloitte, Manulife, Uniphore, Schulich Executive Education Centre, University of Western Ontario, Verity Women’s Club, Future Leaders of Ontario, Ensil Canada, JointVenture Finance, Walmart Canada, and the Strategy Institute. She has also been featured at conferences including Elevate, Future of Work, and Customer Experience Summit. She volunteers as a SickKids Innovator, mentor with Urban Squash Toronto, and is on the HR Committee of JIAS. She has served as head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for a Consumer Goods company, on the Executive Advisory Council for Walmart Canada’s Women in Retail program, and on the Foundation Board of the McMichael Canadian Art Collection.

Suzanne Knight has an MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and MBA in Finance and Strategy. In 2023, she was recognized on The Peak’s Emerging (under age 40) Leaders List and The DMZ’s Women of the Year.

Popular Talks by Suzanne Knight

Never Waste A Good Crisis: In times of change, embrace the opportunity for transformation

Change management. We are beyond the time of stability. External forces, including the economy, environment, population growth and movement, and political forces are in constant motion. Problems that used to be simple, or maybe complicated, are now complex or chaotic. Accept the chaos. Lean into it. Use it as the opportunity to transform not just for what is needed now, but build the muscle to anticipate and adapt. This includes recognizing stakeholder profiles: who are champions versus resistors and how should they be engaged? What is constructive versus destructive resistance? How can teams and organizations become resilient to adapt to challenges as they arise? Suzanne shows how to future-proof your organization by leading through complexity, stabilizing chaos, and calming the waters.

Unblock Your Team: Embrace new ways of leading to drive clarity, value, and employee engagement

Leadership. Think back over the past few months and answer the following questions about your team or organization. Did they ever lack clarity or alignment on priorities, spending time on the wrong things? Have a hard time making decisions? Lack urgency when it mattered Work in silos rather than ‘as one’? Not prioritize what mattered to their customers? Suzanne has worked with leadership teams around the world and will share her lessons learned, success factors, and tangible guidance on how to: create a compelling vision that others will follow, build psychological safety (and why that is important), align people around shared priorities, unblock issues without judgment, and build an owner/outcome mindset with customers at the core.

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