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Dominic Troulan

Former Special Forces officer

Dominic Troulan is a decorated former Special Forces officer. In 2017 he was awarded the George Cross, the UK’s highest civilian award ‘for most conspicuous courage in circumstance of extreme danger.’ It is the first such award to a civilian in 25 years. Previously, whilst serving with UK Special Forces,...

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Atul Singh

Founder, CEO and editor-in-chief of Fair Observer

Founder, chief executive officer and editor-in-chief of Fair Observer, an independent media platform; Atul Singh has also taught at many institutions, including the University of California, Berkeley and the Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar. Earlier years saw Singh being a combat officer in India’s border regions of Nagaland and Kashmir...

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Zain Asher

Anchor at CNN International

Zain Asher is an anchor for CNN International based in New York. She currently anchors “CNN Newsroom” on Fridays and Saturdays and can be seen filling in on the network’s premier business shows, “Quest Means Business” and “CNNMoney.” She also hosts “Marketplace Africa,” CNNI’s weekly business program about the continent...

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Oliver Lewis

Innovation advisor and former member of British intelligence

Oliver Lewis is an innovation adviser and executive with interests in near future technologies, institutional and corporate culture, diplomacy and national security. Oliver built a public sector business for Improbable and then directed corporate development and thought leadership. Prior to joining Improbable, Oliver was a civil servant in the Ministry...

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Bertrand Jouvenot

French Digital Pioneer and author of "Le Digital à toutes les sauces"

Bertrand Jouvenot is a French keynote speaker, marketing influencer and prominent writer specialising in business, management, marketing, branding and digital. After writing the first thesis on digital at the Sorbonne University, he spent over twenty years excelling in his marketing positions in a wide range of industries (digital, telephony, retail,...

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Sophie Shevardnadze

Russian journalist, TV-host and producer

Sophie Shevardnadze is a television and radio show host, op-ed writer and interviewer for Russia’s leading magazines, a public figure in Europe and Russia. For the past five years, Sophie Shevardnadze has hosted her own program SophieCo, on Russia’s English language network channel RT (Russia Today) interviewing prominent politicians and...

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Robert Capps

Head of editorial and partner, Godfrey Dadich Partners

Robert Capps is the Head of Editorial and a partner at Godfrey Dadich Partners. He runs the editorial division of the studio, specializing in longform journalism, podcasts, documentary television and film, and other forms of non-fiction storytelling. GDP works with everyone from established media companies to large brands to emerging...

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Nick English

Co-founder of Bremont, the British luxury watch brand

The co-founder of the British luxury watch brand, Bremont, Nick English is a keynote speaker with not only an impressive business knowledge and a real passion for entrepreneurship and manufacturing in the UK, but with an emotive backstory that makes all sit up and listen. Having been told it could...

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Angus Roxburgh

Former PR consultant to Kremlin, Author Moscow Calling and acclaimed journalist Sunday Times, Economist and BBC

Angus Roxburgh’s hands-on experience of Russia is unrivalled among Western experts. For more than 45 years, from the darkest days of communism and the Cold War right up to the present day, he has experienced Russian life – and high Kremlin politics – close up. He is now known as...

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Liza Pavlakos

Survivor and Inspirational Speaker

Liza Pavlakos wasn’t always the confident entrepreneur she is today. She was once a victim. As a small child, Liza became homeless having run away to escape sexual abuse. As a young adult, she endured violence and disfigurement. But, not one to be cowed down by adversities, she had the...

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Xenia Tchoumi

Influencer, actress, blogger and digital entrepreneur based in London

Xenia Tchoumi is a Swiss-Italian model, blogger, fashion influencer and entrepreneur based in London. At 18-years old, Tchoumi placed second in the Miss Switzerland beauty pageant, which made her a house-hold name in the country. Not only has Tchoumi become a well-known name in the fashion industry, but also her...

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Tanmay Bakshi

13-year-old Canadian Tech Prodigy & IBM Watson Champion

Tanmay Bakshi, 13 years old, is a Software/Cognitive Developer, Author, Keynote Speaker, Algorithm-ist, Honorary IBM Cloud Advisor, IBM Champion for Cloud and YouTuber. He lives just outside of Toronto, in Brampton, Canada. Programming since the age of 5, he had his first iOS app, tTables, accepted when he was 9...

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