Executive learning

London Speaker Bureau’s (LSB) Executive Learning service is a selection of masterclasses for executives and senior managers. Each masterclass is led by an expert and tailored for groups of any size to meet specific organisational needs.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers who deliver a powerful message in a way that captivates an audience can ensure an event is memorable for many years.

Boardroom Advisory

Former heads of state, chairmen and senior directors, our advisors have extensive experience and insights into running successful organisations.Company boards and CEOs frequently work in isolation, cut off from the realities and challenges of the everyday corporate world.

New Speakers

We are proud to present you our new Keynote Speakers

Ben Ryan

Rugby Coach; led the Fiji 7s Rugby Team to win a Gold medal at the Rio Olympics (2016)

Ben Ryan is one of the most successful rugby coaches in the history of the game and the man who led the Fiji Rugby 7s team to their gold medal at the Rio Olympics in 2016. His insights into authentic leadership, mindful development of people, open communication and high-performance cultures...

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Nick Cooke-Priest

Former Commanding Officer of the HMS Queen Elizabeth, Europe's Most Powerful Warship

Nick Cooke-Priest has an extraordinary talent of running complex organisations in fast moving and challenging scenarios. At 49, Nick Cooke-Priest took command of his fourth major warship, the largest warship in Europe and the most advanced aircraft carrier in the world, HMS Queen Elizabeth. Such an appointment would only go...

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Hervé Pillaud

Digital Agriculture Evangelist

Farmer-breeder, speaker and author Hervé Pillaud actively advocates for agriculture. According to Hervé, agriculture must start making a revolution to break with the past and this involves digital. Far from the Manichean vision that many have regarding agriculture, Hervé Pillaud is convinced that simple answers to a complex problem exist....

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Flavilla Fongang

Neuroscience Brand Expert; Founder of 3 Colours Rule

Flavilla Fongang is the founder of 3 Colours Rule and an award-winning businesswoman, international keynote speaker, MD, and creative brand strategist. Her topics of expertise are neurobranding, neurodesign, neuromarketing, and brand innovation. She was awarded the “She’s Mercedes” businesswoman award by Mercedes Benz among women such as Sheryl Sandberg, the...

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Marwan Mery

Professional negotiator & Founder of ADN Group

Applauded by the international press as being one of the best negotiators in the world, Marwan Mery works with businesses, government organisations and NGOs, of any size, to resolve complex situations that include critical cases (kidnapping and ransom, extortion, suicidal persons, collective internment) as well as social conflict, commercial negotiation,...

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Rainer Hersch

Internationally recognised Conductor and Stand-up Comedian

Rainer Hersch is an undeniably unique talent, not only is he an internationally recognised conductor but also a highly acclaimed stand-up comedian. After studying Economics at university, Hersch began a career in arts management. Meanwhile, he also moonlighted as a comic on the London circuit. Subsequently, in 1992, he relinquished...

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Kweku Adoboli

Former Trader, Culture and Systems Advisor

Kweku Adoboli began his working life as an operations analyst at UBS Investment Bank. Within three years he was recruited to the ETF and Index desk on the equities trading floor. In 2007, with just 10 months experience as an ETF trader, he was given joint responsibility for the desk’s...

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Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Sudanese-Australian Writer, Broadcaster and Award-Winning Social Advocate

Yassmin Abdel-Magied is a Sudanese-Australian writer, broadcaster and award-winning social advocate. Abdel-Magied trained as a mechanical engineer and worked on oil and gas rigs around Australia for almost half a decade before becoming a full-time writer and broadcaster in 2016. She published her debut memoir, Abdel-Magied’s Story, with Penguin Random...

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Alex Sbardella

Senior Vice President at GDR Creative Intelligence - Technology, Retail, Consumer and Hospitality Expert

Alex Sbardella is a technology, retail, consumer and hospitality expert, specialising in making complex trends and technologies relatable for any audience. His knowledgeable but laid-back style inspires audiences about the future of society, retail, and hospitality. As Senior Vice President at GDR Creative Intelligence, Sbardella consults on digital transformation, helping...

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Linda Bernardi

Former Chief Innovation Officer at IBM for IoT and Cloud, Expert in Disruptive Technology

With a passion for disruptive technologies and leadership, Linda Bernardi possesses a unique vision and a fierce commitment to promoting innovative, disruptive vision and technologies. In her role as “innovation provocateur,” Bernadi helps organizations break free of their comfort zone, defy conventional wisdom, and shatter outdated paradigms in their quest...

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Femi Owolade-Coombes

Young Coding and Hacking Expert, Who Teaches Other Young People with Autism and Tourette Syndrome to Code

Femi Owolade-Coombes, aged 13, has been coding since he was eight years old. After learning to hack Minecraft using Python on the Raspberry Pi computer, he decided to set up South London Raspberry Jam, to share his passion for coding with other young people. Four years on, Femi has run...

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Tom Morley

Scritti Politti Founder, Team Building Guru and Conference Energiser

Tom Morley was the original drummer and a founder member of Scritti Politti, the 70s / 80s band who were pioneers of DIY music before appearing on the dance scene. Unlike other bands Scritti used to make half their songs up on stage. How is this significant to you? Simply...

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