Executive learning

London Speaker Bureau’s (LSB) Executive Learning service is a selection of masterclasses for executives and senior managers. Each masterclass is led by an expert and tailored for groups of any size to meet specific organisational needs.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers who deliver a powerful message in a way that captivates an audience can ensure an event is memorable for many years.

Boardroom Advisory

Former heads of state, chairmen and senior directors, our advisors have extensive experience and insights into running successful organisations.Company boards and CEOs frequently work in isolation, cut off from the realities and challenges of the everyday corporate world.

New Speakers

We are proud to present you our new Keynote Speakers

Asha Sumputh

TV journalist

Asha Sumputh is a bilingual TV journalist speaking both French and English. Graduated from both Cambridge University and Panthéon-Sorbonne University, she started her career on the French news channel “i> télé” in 2007, before joining another major French channel, “Canal Plus”. Today, Asha Sumputh still continues to collaborate with many...

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Geoff White

Investigative Journalist

Ever wondered how the latest developments in technology are affecting our world? Geoff White has. He dives deep into these issues as an accomplished keynote speaker and prolific writer, having spoken on panels and chaired debates at venues ranging from London’s Chatham House think-tank to the Latitude music festival. His...

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Joy Ajlouny

Co-founder of Middle Eastern Unicorn, Fetchr

Businesswoman, serial entrepreneur and advisor, Joy Ajlouny is a flash-bang grenade thrown into the Middle East. Born and raised in California to Palestinian refugees, Ajlouny has built a reputation for her success in startups and ventures worldwide, all the while aggravating the status quo of women in business. Belonging to...

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Nick Jankel

Thought Leader, Leadership Futurist, Transformation Catalyst, Founder Switch On

Thought leader Nick Jankel switches on people all over the planet with the limitless opportunities of the Networked Age…and how to leave behind redundant Industrial-Age thinking, mindsets, and processes that block us from fulfilling our potential as leaders and as organisations. A former elite scientist, Nick has spent close to...

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Mark Mathews

One of the best big wave surfers in the world

As a world class big wave surfer, Red Bull Athlete and Surf Contest Director Mark Mathews has become obsessed with the relationship between personal growth, high performance and fulfilment. Winner of an unprecedented 3 back to back Oakley Big Wave Awards, Mark has cemented himself as one of the best...

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Hugh Bradlow

Leading Telecommunications Executive and President, Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering

Hugh Bradlow is globally recognised as a thought leader in telecommunications and was elected as the joint 2009 Australian Telecommunications Ambassador of the Year, named by Global Telecom Business as one of the most 100 most influential telecommunications executives in the world and Smart Company designated him as one of...

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Robert Reich

Former US Secretary of Labor, Economist and Author

Robert B. Reich is an American economist, professor, author, and political commentator. He is the Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley and Senior Fellow at the Blum Center for Developing Economies. He served as Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration from 1993-1997 for...

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Scott Bales

Technologist, Author and Entrepreneur

A technology and innovation guru, Scott Bales is a global leader in the cutting edge arena known as “The Digital Shift”, encompassing innovation, culture, design, and mobility in a world gone digital. As a thought leader, Bales thrives on the intersection between cultural and behavioural changes in the face of...

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Moisés Naím

Distinguished Fellow at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and Best-Selling Author

Moisés Naím has been called “one of the world’s leading thinkers” (Prospect Magazine) and has been ranked among the top 100 global thought leaders by the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute of Switzerland. He is a distinguished fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, an internationally syndicated columnist and a contributing...

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Niall Breslin

Mental health advocate

One of Ireland’s most prominent mental health advocates and sought after public speakers, Niall Breslin’s ability to communicate with inspiring candidness, expert knowledge and authenticity has helped to pioneer a sea change in the public perception and narrative on mental health and emotional well-being in Ireland. A dynamic, charismatic and...

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Daniel Kish

Expert in Echolocation, President and Founder of World Access for the Blind

Daniel Kish was born in March, 1966 in Montebello, California. Diagnosed with retinoblastoma, which is an aggressive cancer of the retina, he lost one eye and then the other by the age of 13 months. His younger brother Keith was also born with retinoblastoma – which is genetic – despite...

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Halldóra Mogensen

Member of Parliament for the Icelandic Pirate Party

Halldóra Mogensen is a Member of Parliament for the Icelandic Pirate Party and a fascinating speaker across a range of subjects related to social and economic inequality and how we may restructure the current models to create a better future. Currently Halldóra Mogensen is the chair of the Pirate Party...

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