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Futurist, Humanist & Author - CEO of The Future Agency

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Specialist Subjects

  • The Future Beyond Corona: what to expect in the next 3-5 years
  • A new Renaissance
  • Happiness in the digital age
  • From Transformation To Humanisation
  • The 10 Megashifts: Transforming Your Organisation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Exponential Change: Business And Society
  • Webinar- A Post-Corona Future: What to Expect in the Next 3-5 Years
  • Sustainable: The New Profitable


  • English
  • German


“People, Planet, Purpose and Prosperity.” – That is Gerd Leonhard’s motto. Over the past two decades, he has risen to one of the top 10 futurist keynote speakers worldwide. With nearly 2,000 engagements in 60+ countries since 2004, and a combined audience of over 2.5 million people, Gerd has been listed by Wired magazine as one of the Top 100 Most-Influential People in Europe, and as ‘one of the leading media futurists in the World’ by The Wall Street Journal.

Gerd focuses on the intersections of humanity, science / technology, business, and culture. He promotes sustainable, human-centric values, and emphasizes the importance of foresight, future-ready leadership, and resilience in the face of uncertainty. He is also known for speaking out against the pitfalls of unbridled extractionist capitalism. His acclaimed keynotes (both live and virtual) are renowned for their hard-hitting and provocative style – inspiring, humorous, motivational, and always personal. Using cutting-edge creative motion design and immersive backdrops, Gerd’s performances (both in-person and for online events) have reinvented the very definition of ‘presentation.’

Gerd Leonhard is highly regarded as a global influencer and has advised business leaders and government officials around the globe. His diverse list of clients include countless governments, NGOs and Fortune 500 companies such as SAP, Microsoft, Google, VISA, Accenture, Deloitte, Motorola, KPMG, Sony and many others. A true thought leader in the futurist space, Gerd is above all a dedicated humanist who believes that all technological progress should further collective human flourishing.

Gerd uses his keynotes, presentations, workshops and advisory sessions to deep-dive on complex topics. Recurring themes include business in the post-Covid-19 world, the need for a sustainable, equitable reform to conventional capitalism, addressing existential risks like climate change and uncontrolled technological proliferation, the future of work and of the human-machine relationship, exploring what it means to be human in a world of machines and algorithms, and the ethics of technology and tech regulation in an interconnected world. As Gerd likes to say, humanity will change more in the next 10 years than in the previous 100 years – so let’s embrace technology but also maintain, protect and nurture what makes us human!

Gerd Leonhard is a top-rated and constantly innovating futurist, keynote speaker and presenter, both in real-life and on actual stages as well as in virtual or digital-only environments such as Zoom. Presenting online or remotely is an entirely different cup of tea – and one that Gerd has been practicing since 2013, long before the Corona-Crisis and the global shift to ‘remote everything‘.

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