Julian Wheatland – Keynote Speaker

Former COO/CFO and CEO of Cambridge Analytica, CEO of Brava Systems

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Specialist Subjects

  • Technology Commercialisation
  • Scaling Technology Businesses
  • Technology Marketing
  • Technology Finance & Investment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Rapid Growth
  • Fintech
  • Proptech
  • Data Privacy
  • Fake News / Social Media
  • Crisis Management


  • English


Julian Wheatland was formerly Chairman of SCL Group and COO & CFO of the Cambridge Analytica / SCL group of companies. From 2015 to 2018 he oversaw the growth of the group into one of the most influential data analytics companies in the world, employing ground-breaking analytics technology and targeted communications which have shaped the advertising industry and the debate around data privacy and personal data. In 2018, following the media controversy surrounding Cambridge Analytica, Wheatland stepped into the role of Group CEO in order to “clean up the mess”.

Julian is a veteran of fast-growing technology companies and an expert in the opportunities, pitfalls and dangers that scaling technology businesses can bring. He is a serial entrepreneur who has spent 25 years investing in, managing and advising breakthrough technology companies: matching their strategies to markets, managing the challenges of rapid growth, and delivering value for customers and investors.

Julian Wheatland now serves as CEO of Brava Systems, the Enterprise Management System for the real estate industry. He began his career at PA Consulting, advising clients on the impact and opportunities created by online innovation. He moved into fund management in the mid-noughties investing into early stage cleantech and security tech companies and, from there, founded Hatton International, a specialist technology commercialisation business.

Prior to Brava Systems, Julian was CEO of Cornerstone FS plc, a fintech company which he listed on AIM in 2021. He speaks publicly on managing tech growth, technology strategy and marketing, entrepreneurship, data ethics and the impact of AI on corporate operations.

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