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World-renowned trends and transformation expert

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Specialist Subjects

  • What Matters in 2023
  • Retail Futures
  • Rethinking your Business for the Post Digital & Post-Pandemic Age
  • Transforming Your Business for the age of Artificial Intelligence
  • The Future of Financial Services
  • Building A Culture of Innovation
  • Technology and Sustainability
  • Customer Experience Transformation
  • Retail Spotlight 2023


  • English


Tom Goodwin is a world-renowned trends and transformation expert, and the founder of All We Have Is Now (AWHIN, Inc), an innovation consultancy.

Goodwin hosts The Edge, an original series on Euronews which reaches 250 million households, explores the future of business and culture through technology and spotlights the companies and people taking bold leaps into what’s next.

He is the author of Digital Darwinism, a business book that has been translated into seven languages, with a second edition coming in spring 2022. He has amassed over 700,000 followers on LinkedIn, where he has been voted as the #1 Voice in Marketing. A global speaker, he has delivered over 100 keynote speeches at leading public and private events across more than 42 countries.

Goodwin advises Fortune 500 companies and startups on business transformation and innovation. As a proponent of “nowism,” a more practical form of futurism, Goodwin believes that we have all the technology we need at our disposal and we can drive meaningful growth by taking action and using our imagination to unleash its power.

Over the past 20 years, he has built a career spanning digital, creative/advertising, and media agencies, and studied the impact of new technology, new consumer behaviors, and changing rules of business. This experience informs his work in digital transformation and innovation. His work has been referenced in The New York Times and The Economist. He has published over 500 articles in publications including The Guardian, TechCrunch, Forbes, Digiday, Quartz, Marketing Week, Adweek, and the World Economic Forum.

Popular Talks by Tom Goodwin

What Matters in 2023

A provocative presentation that outlines and simplifies key themes and trends of vital significance to leaders across sectors. We are in a time of seemingly constant change, uncertainty, volatility, and confusion, not least because every technological trend out there is labeled the next big thing. In this 50-minute custom session, Goodwin presents insights and offers clarity on the new realities of business, contextualized by the macroeconomic climate, new consumer behaviors, and new technology trends. This presentation and Q&A session can cover elements such as blockchain, quantum computing, A.I., the implications of 5G, cryptocurrency, voice interfaces, advanced robotics, and drones. It also considers the growth of marketplaces, the rise of eCommerce, open ecosystems, changing regulations, and more.

Retail Futures

This presentation provides a comprehensive look at the altered retail environment of the post-pandemic world. It focuses on new consumer behaviors and new business models that are here today and highlights key trends for the medium-term future. This is an entertaining and inspiring deep dive into what matters most in the world of retail. Themes explored can include disintermediation, shoppable media, personalization, influencer commerce, the implications of voice interfaces and automation, and more, depending on specific needs. This presentation can also outline demonstrative ideas and suggested areas of exploration for future growth.

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