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Martin Adams – Keynote Speaker

CEO of and Innovation Advisor to Corporates, CEOs, Celebrities and Government

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Specialist Subjects

  • How to create disruptive innovations that wow your customers
  • How can your business use Artificial Intelligence and other innovative technology in a human-centred way?
  • Making sense of AI: beyond the hype, what does it mean for your company?
  • Being agile and being innovative: what corporates can learn from startups
  • Combining Artificial Intelligence and traditional marketing to build a better brand


  • English
  • Spanish

Martin Adams – Keynote Speaker

CEO of and Innovation Advisor to Corporates, CEOs, Celebrities and Government

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keynote speaker martin adams

Martin Adams
CEO of and Innovation Advisor to Corporates, CEOs, Celebrities and Government

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Martin Adams is an international keynote speaker and workshop leader on the topics of artificial intelligence, disruptive technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Adams has a rich background as a cutting-edge entrepreneur, innovation advisor and policy expert. He shares unique insights that come from the front line of working with a diverse mix of the world’s largest corporates and most sophisticated brands to its most innovative start-ups and CEOs.

As an entrepreneur, he helped setup the world’s first ever social media consultancy, which was eventually backed by Sean Parker (President of Facebook and founder of Napster), where he started to learn about the power of understanding audiences to drive company innovation.

Martin Adams is also the CEO and Founder of, a company that has raised millions to map popular culture around the globe and help companies understand what products and communications their audiences want them to create, before companies have to guess. Codec works with the leading brands in the world, including Unilever, Nespresso Time Inc and the BBC, and has been recognised as ‘the Best Artificial Intelligence Product in Marketing’ (CognitionX), one of the ‘Hottest AI Businesses in Europe’ (TechCrunch) and one of the ’50 most disruptive businesses in the UK’ (Real Business).

As an innovation advisor, he has worked with some of the world’s most high-profile individuals and organisations in the world on how to use technology to be more innovative and connect more deeply with real people- including companies like Pfizer and Red Bull, influencers like Barack Obama, and governmental organisations like the European Commission and Royal Marines. Adams combines powerful insight into the realities of business with a clear vision of what is possible through technology, innovation and entrepreneurship; inspiring his audience to think about what they can do better, both today and tomorrow.

Adams' unique and powerful approach has led him to being recognised as a Maserati Top 100 Entrepreneur and he is viewed as an international thought leader on how technology can help put people, and more specifically customers and target audiences, at the centre of decision making in business, government and policy.

Martin Adams has delivered keynotes to the world's leading companies, government bodies and various members of the Royal family, including the Queen and HRH the Duke of York.


“Martin Adams is up there with the best speakers I've ever seen. He has founded numerous companies and institutions devoted to how he sees the world, and he has the special habit of seeing it the right way. He fundamentally cares about the intersection of technology and business, and can speak with clarity and passion to help the audience understand how they win big in the modern world." Oli Woodley, SVP Commercial at Vice Media.

“I can honestly say that no one gets technology and its role in modern business more than Martin Adams. Crucially he doesn’t just think about it or talk about it, he is able to draw upon fascinating stories and examples from a fascinating career spent building and using it with companies around the world. He passionately believes in what he says on stage and brings it to life better than anyone." Greg Ivanov, Head of Google VR.

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