keynote speaker alexandra panayotou
Executive and Personal Mentor, Corporate Development, Renowned Endurance Runner
keynote speaker beau lotto
Neuro-Scientist and Founder and CEO of Lab of Misfits Studio
keynote speaker daniel kahneman
Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics for his pioneering work in behavioral economics
keynote speaker fredrik haren
Business Creativity, Change and Global Mindset
keynote speaker gunter dueck
Expert on Innovation. Former Chief Technologist IBM
keynote speaker huib van bockel
Former CMO, Red Bull Europe
keynote speaker jack milner
Presentation coach, and among the most versatile and prolific creators on the London comedy scene
keynote speaker john coates
Derivative Trader turned Neuroscientist
keynote speaker jon duschinsky
World leading social innovator and entrepreneur
keynote speaker marc stickdorn
Expert on service design thinking
keynote speaker matthew syed
Expert on the science of high performance
keynote speaker max wittrock
Co-founder and one of the CEOs of mymuesli
keynote speaker molly crockett
American neuroscientist noted for her work on human morality, altruism and decision making
keynote speaker muhammad yunus
Founder of Grameen Bank, Nobel Peace Prize winner
keynote speaker paul craven
Globally Renowned Behavioural Economist
keynote speaker paul mckenna
Renowned hypnotist and self-help expert
keynote speaker robert phillips
Expert in Communications, Public Leadership and Trust, and author of 'Trust Me, PR is Dead'
keynote speaker rolf dobelli
Author The Art of Thinking Clearly (2013 Europe’s best-selling business book)
keynote speaker rory sutherland
Technology Correspondent of the Spectator
keynote speaker susan greenfield
One of the UK's leading experts on the physiology of the brain and Human Mind