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Brexit: Our Advices in an Uncertain Times

Presenter of This Week and the Politics Show on BBC1 Andrew Neil, Editor-in-Chief of The Economist Zanny Minton Beddoes and news presenter Emily Maitliss provide commentary and outlook on what this means for business....

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Charles Leadbeater’s latest piece about Brexit

Read the latest article from Charles Leadbeater on the Financial Time’s website on Brexit: " London's future: a brief guide. Five scenarios for the city post-Brexit, from a ‘renationalised’ British capital to a European enclave....

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John Bruton’s latest piece about Brexit

Disengaging the UK from the EU will be like undoing all the stitching of a patchwork quilt, and then re stitching some parts of the quilt together, while making a new quilt of the rest. The UK is, at the moment, stitched into thousands...

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John Coates – The Biology of Trader Gut Feelings

"I set up this study to answer a simple question - are gut feelings merely the stuff of trading mythology? or are they real physiological signals? I suspected from my days of trading that hunches were real and valuable, that when I scrolled...

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Pritpal S. Tamber – Workplace Wellness

Sickness costs UK organisations about £29billion each year. Levels of ill-health are rising as a result of poor diets and less active lifestyles. It’s increasingly clear that employers in the UK have to take an active interest in the health...

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