keynote speaker ambarish mitra
Co-founder Blippar
keynote speaker inma martinez
Considered by FORTUNE and TIME as one of the world's leading digital media strategists
keynote speaker jeremy white
Product Editor, WIRED Magazine UK
keynote speaker jessica barker
World-leading expert on cyber security human factors
keynote speaker julian assange
Founder WikiLeaks
keynote speaker kate darling
Expert in Robot Ethics
keynote speaker louisa heinrich
Founder, Superhuman Ltd - Exploring the Human Aspects of Technology
keynote speaker nick bostrom
Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Oxford University and founding Director of Oxford's Future of Humanity Institute think tank
keynote speaker peter cochrane
Professor, Polymath, Technologist, Entrepreneur and Ex CTO at BT
keynote speaker tenzin priyadarshi
Innovative thinker, philosopher, philanthropist and monk
keynote speaker tommy stadlen
Co-Founder of Polaroid Swing, a Silicon Valley technology company
keynote speaker wolfgang wahlster
Director and CEO of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Professor of Computer Science at Saarland Univ