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A fireside chat with Nigel Farage and Mark Thompson

Last week London Speaker Bureau, together with the BritishAmerican Business Association, hosted a fireside chat with the face of the successful campaign to take the UK out of the European Union, Nigel Farage. The evening was facilitated by CEO and President of the New York Times, Mark Thompson. The event took place in New York and involved Thompson interviewing Farage in a candid, forthright question and answer session.

The Brexit Champion locked horns with the outspoken Thompson as they debated topics such as the upcoming Dutch and French elections, the future of Europe, immigration and Trump, whose relationship with Farage has been a source of media speculation of late. On the new President of the United States, Farage cryptically commented that America and the rest of the world should be prepared for more change.

Thompson and Farage’s sparring sparked keen engagement from the audience, whose interest in the discussion was, at times, audible. In spite of their evident lack of agreement on many key subjects, the lively discussion both enthralled and stirred the room.

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